Are Past Lives Keeping You From Attaining Happiness?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

No matter how long you have been on a Spiritual path, the idea of past lives surfaces at some point. Souls are recycled every day. Depending on how we lived and died in previous lifetimes, those issues continue to surface until they are either cleared, or you complete the karma in your current life. I have recently witnessed people’s lives transform after one clearing once the past lives that are causing issues are cleared.

Allergies can be due to a death in a past life in a fire, or by drowning. You might be allergic to cats or dogs if you have been killed by a lion, tiger or dog in the past.

Each time we reincarnate we return with the same soul group. These soul group members have made contracts with us to help us resolve past life issues. Sometimes, we marry these people. Other times, the people from our soul group show up as parents, siblings or our department head. No matter what you did in a past life, the current life is allowing you many opportunities to heal, renew and re-do a pattern so that you will completely heal the past life. 

Four years ago I did a series of clearings for a gentleman named Patrik, in Switzerland. Patrik was well-aware of his issues and after four clearings for himself and his wife, he requested that I work on an issue with his daughter. 

Patrik informed me that his daughter refused to do anything he asked of her. She shrieked, fought and argued with him at every turn. The mere sound of her voice caused him to feel as though someone was running their fingernails down a chalkboard! 

She was clearly getting under his skin and on his nerves. As a parent he loved her. However, he was also challenged by his very strong feelings that made him so angry. He wondered why was this happening? 

In a past life, I saw the two of them as men on a battlefield duking it out with heavy swords. Both were powerful and skilled swordsmen. An equal match in strength and strategy. They fought to the death. Patrik knocked his daughter (in a man’s body) to the ground. His daughter (as a man) lifted the heavy sword towards the man about to end his life. Patrik leaned in for the kill and landed on the other’s sword. Blood from each other’s body spilled into the other’s wounds. They were a mix of sweat and blood. Pieces of each other’s soul were left in the other. These soul fragments remained. 

When I cleared the soul fragments entwined in each other’s soul, their relationship transformed. It was like magic. His daughter stopped fighting him at every turn. Patrik was able to listen to his daughter’s voice without wanting to leave the country. They, of course, had the typical issues that parent and child have, but without the Battle of the Bulge.

When past lives bleed through into our present lifetime, we have tremendous challenges and difficulties. When we remove the issues from the past life, an amazing transformation can take place. 

This past week, I had a session with a beautiful young woman in Georgia who does body painting and portraits for a living. She was suffering from a sinus infection that antibiotics wouldn’t cure. I cleared anger and explained that sinus infections are often caused by angry words left unspoken, usually to someone close. She told me that didn’t resonate with her. She wasn’t with anyone. I looked deeper for a cause. I found it! There were two past-life deaths that were associated with her current sinus infection. The Mercury Retrograde was bringing up these ancient issues to be cleared once and for all. In one lifetime, she died in a house fire. In the second past life, she had died by drowning. The interesting thing was that though she liked water, she had a tremendous fear of what she couldn’t see in the water and of drowning. 

Other Ways Past Lives Affect You

In days gone by we have been both male and female, travelers, sailors, warriors, husbands, wives, abusers, molesters, jewelers, painters, carpenters, bankers, lawyers, chemists, wizards, witches, children, mean-spirited, stolen, wealthy and greedy, promiscuous, royalty, beheaded, hung, eaten by wild animals. All manner of events occurred in our past lives. All of these can have an impact on us in our current lifetime. Having an energy clearing of the past lives that are affecting and bleeding through can be life-changing!

Following are just a few examples of how past lives can cause you challenges in this lifetime. Don’t believe me? Join me this Wednesday and let’s clear the past lives affecting you right now.

Allergies: Dying in circumstances that are related to the allergen. For example, allergy to cats: death by lion or tiger. Allergy to dogs, death by wolves or dogs.

Cigarette Craving: Past life energies of self-limitation and self-punishment can cause a person to start smoking or become involved in other activities that are self-harming. Another past life cause is believing as an American Indian that the peace pipe is a way to contact Great Spirit. 

Sinus infections: death by fire or drowning

Heart Issues: Past life issues of sadness, hate of men, hate of God, apathy, disillusionment, betrayal, doubt of men and women, emotional and physical abuse by others, shame and separation from others.

Gallbladder Issues: Are 100% rooted in past lives. The energies carried over from these past lives are bitterness, hate of men and women, hate of life and of God, hate, health abuse, helplessness, depression, self-limitation, self-destruction, despair, suicide, intense desire to experience illness rather than the Karma for perceived wrongs in past lives.

Neck pain: death by hanging

Physical Pain: The cause of some physical pain is from this life. However, the major cause of pain is from past life death by serious injury by sword, spear, arrow, beheading, gunshot, operations.
Throat issues: strangulation, torture

Manic Depression: Past Life energies from: frustration, helplessness, hate of women, hate of life, hate of self, escapism, failure, sexual promiscuity, self-limitation, self-destruction, a suicide of personal expression.

Lyme Disease: Past Life energies of frustration, guilt, hate, hate of life and self, health abuse, despair, doom, hate of women and men, and failure.

Overweight: Many problems from being overweight are caused by past lives. These energies that carryover are: fear, anger, hate of God, hate of life, hate of self, frustration, helplessness, guilt, alcoholism, depression, self-punishment, self-limitation, self-destruction, doubt of life and suicide.

Panic Attacks: Much of the causes of panic attacks today are from past lives where you experienced harm, lack or limitation, cold, hunger, or even starvation. 

Pancreas: Fear of being harmed again is often the cause of diabetes in this lifetime.

Parkinson’s: 100% from past lives. These energies are frustration, guilt, hate of life and self, hate of God, intense health abuse, forsaken by God, and helplessness.

Physical Injury: Sometimes we set ourselves up for accidents in this lifetime from events from the past energies of self-limitation, self-punishment because we have harmed others in the past and believe that being harmed in this life will balance events out.

I have hundreds of stories like Patrik’s and his daughter where their lives were transformed by having their past life cleared that was causing them challenges in this lifetime. This Wednesday join me for my free podcast about past lives and their effect on this one. This clearing will allow you to feel calm, peaceful, positive and sleep better than you have in a very long time. 

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