It Is Your Reaction To Life’s Events That Impacts You

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Last night, I did a program on my podcast about past lives and how they can impact us. Part of what I discussed was how our reaction to situations affects us and blocks us from having ease and happiness in our life. 

You have heard me talk about energy clearings and some of you have never experienced one. This is a great opportunity to listen to the recording from my podcast and receive an energy clearing at the same time. If you have wondered about my work this podcast will give you a small idea of part of what I do. 

What I ask you though is that you sit down and listen with headphones rather than try to multi-task and do other things while listening. Don’t drive or operate machinery while listening to the podcast. Get yourself in a quiet place and nurture your soul.

A word of warning before you listen to this recording. We were using the tail end of the Mercury Retrograde to propel this clearing. Mercury Retrograde was in full affect, causing all sorts of disruptions at the beginning of the call, with people washing dishes unmuted and their dogs barking. Humans have stuff going on. What we all need to learn to do is nurture our souls. We can’t nurture ourselves while multi-tasking. So please sit down and listen, without the television on, without washing dishes, or sending e-mails or texting. Your soul deserves your undivided attention. Why not give it!

When you listen you will hear me talk about my free drawing to win a one-hour session with me. This is a $225 value! You can use the session for an Akashic Record Consultation, an energy clearing or a coaching session.

The drawing is happening next Wednesday, September 28th, so you have a full week to get your responses e-mailed to me. There are three questions you need to answer. Don’t worry they aren’t too difficult. The questions were in my newsletter. If you would like to win this free session there are a couple of things you need to do. Sign up for my newsletter and answer the questions at the bottom in an email to me. You will find two clues during this broadcast. Clues to the first two questions are mentioned during the recording. 

What does a clearing do? When High Self clears the block they literally erase the negative energy pattern from your subconscious and soul records. Instead of being driven by subconscious beliefs and desires that you do not understand, you become free to live to your greatest potential – to express your greater spiritual self. Following are some examples of how clients’ lives improved after energy clearings:

After working with Jennifer recently, I must say that I am grateful to the Divine for placing her in my path via a Google search. A few weeks ago, I was in an interesting place emotionally. I was in-between coming to terms with some past emotional trauma but not fully understanding what it meant to “let go of my past.” Following our initial 30-minute “discovery session” and subsequent first session a week later, I finally understood what it meant to embrace the present while letting the past be whatever it was.

As she opened my Akashic record and began to peel back the layers of my current and past lives, I shook, trembled, and buzzed as Jennifer cut the cords to the negative emotional patterns that had affected me on a personal, physical, emotional, and spiritual basis. The guilt, shame, and depression I experienced for years immediately left and I felt lighter! It was as if life had finally smiled at me and the Universe had finally said, “it’s time for your healing. Embrace it and finally, learn to live life and enjoy it!”

I’m truly grateful for Jennifer’s work, and I know that this is the beginning of something beautiful in my life. Thanks again, Jennifer, and I send you much love and many blessings!Sincerely,Mary

A woman in India wanted to marry a man she loved. Over the course of three months, I cleared her energy field and coached her to let go of the man she was dating but didn’t love. I cleared her field of codependency issues, and within two weeks she met a man and fell in love. As time went on, I cleared both of them for issues that came up and helped her move through fear of loss when we went back to the US. I cleared her mother-in-law to be after they became engaged of the blocks that kept her from accepting her new daughter-n law to be. These clearings helped their relationship be free of the discordant energy of past lives that kept them feeling negative energy between them. 

A woman came to me with an issue with a client. He had become quite angry  – even enraged about a conversation that the two of them had. They had a meeting set up to discuss the past dealings that she was very nervous about. I cleared their joint fields (morphogenic fields) and when they met for their meeting it went well without any rage or fear on either side.

A young woman who had attempted suicide 12 times in Colorado came to me. I cleared 30 past lives of suicide. After her clearing, she never felt suicidal tendencies at all. 

A woman came to me from San Francisco with a meth addiction. She had tried everything in her power to kick the meth amphetamine habit. She had been to rehab three times. She contacted me for a clearing. Her best friend had been shot by police in that same town. I cleared his spirit from her and within 30 days of the clearing her addiction was completely gone. 

A woman came to me with deep shame every time she had sex. She did my love yourself fearlessly coaching which encompasses clearing and self-love coaching and boosts self-esteem systematically. By the fourth week she answered the phone with, “Well my shame is totally GONE!”

Another suicidal woman in Los Angeles came to me through another client. I cleared the woman one time and she actually couldn’t stay on the call with me, she was so distraught. I stayed with the clearing and re-cleared her the following morning and I received a phone call from her sister in less than two weeks that she had returned to a normal life. Prior to the clearing she couldn’t function, was drinking heavily and not eating. In the process of clearing suicide, I also cleared bulimia and anorexia. 

One woman in the UK came to me in a relationship that wasn’t working. I did one session with her. The next day she asked her boyfriend to move out and she said her life has never been so happy. She had been stuck unable to make a decision for her best and highest good. 

Along with the energy healing work I do, I help women and the men that love them know and love themselves fearlessly. 

One more a couple in Denver both worked with me. The woman came to me feeling hatred toward her husband of 22 years. She blamed him and was perfectionistic. Over the time we have worked together not only has she found a love for her husband greater than what she felt when they first were married, she has also healed breast cancer without surgery or chemo.

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