Not All Yogis Wear Turbans!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Following is an excerpt from my forthcoming book:

Happy Here Happy Anywhere
The Guide for Overcoming Depression, Anxiety, and Unhappiness Without A Prescription!

Joy is your natural state. Thirty years ago, it certainly wasn’t mine. In fact, I couldn’t have been more miserable if my head was stuck in a toilet! I was sickly, depressed and in mental, physical and emotional agony. Searching, seeking, systematically clearing my energy and meditation broke through all the past pain. In 2011 a beautiful joy began to break through and in 2012, happiness and joy became my permanent state. This is my story of awakening; I can help you get there too. 

Maybe this story should be renamed: Not All Yogis Wear Turbans!

In 1986, I came out. I could no longer contain the family secret that I was molested for seven years, unsafe sleeping in my bed as a child and molested almost every night. My mother made me the perpetrator. My family exploded and divided. I suddenly became the bad guy. (Don’t worry this isn’t a story about molestation I won’t speak of it anymore.)

Secrets eat a person up from the inside out. I began my healing journey in earnest. From the day I read the book Siddhartha at the age of sixteen, I knew I wanted to become enlightened. I had no idea that my decision to search for answers would lead me there. 

I began to search for answers. I studied every self-help book I could get my hands on. I read Louis Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life cover-to-cover three times. I went through two copies of Prescription For Nutritional Healing by doctors Balch and Balch. I studied herbs, Traditional Chinese Medicine, religions and experienced traditional therapy. 

I rejected traditional therapy because I felt it didn’t move me forward, in fact, I felt it drag me further into the abyss I was in. It kept me telling the same old story of woe. I knew it wasn’t for me. I wanted something different, something faster that lifted me upward.

My body was wracked with pain. I had gout, Fibromyalgia, sinus and bladder infections regularly. I also suffered from an auto-immune disease called Epstein-Barr. I was sick all the time with colds, flu, and pneumonia. I was depressed, fearful, reactive, anxious, worried, emotional, negative and had difficulties getting along with my parents, especially my mother. My relationships were a mess. 

What I Discovered About Medicine

I rejected allopathic (regular medicine) when my doctor told me I read too much. I recognized then that the US health care system doesn’t really expect us to get well, but prefer to manage our illnesses with prescription medicines so that we die expensively. 

Doctors medicate rather than get to the root of the problem. Prescriptions mask the root cause, rather than heal. I was told I would have my diseases all my life. I wanted something different. I chose to heal myself and my life. I stopped saying I had the illnesses. I began to affirm vital health and wellness.

Louise Hay’s book helped me recognize that the bladder and sinus infections were from anger and anxiety. I certainly had lots of both. 

When my ex-husband wouldn’t fly my two boys to me for Christmas I was so upset, I came down with pneumonia almost immediately as did my three-year-old daughter. I was able to see the correlation between emotional upset and illness. I recognized that my thoughts were killing me. I had to change my thinking. I set about to work on being positive, loving and clear my unbalanced emotions. I went to a hypnotherapist and decided it helped me enough to study and invest in myself. In 1989, I became a hypnotherapist with The National Guild Of Hypnotherapists, in Atlanta, Georgia. 

I went to chiropractors, acupuncturists, and naturopaths. I healed all my allergies using NAET. I knew I could heal all my illnesses and consciously worked to do so. I wanted to get out of the rat race of life and be happy. I knew I wanted to be enlightened. I was determined to heal myself and believed in my own power to do so.

Gifts Along The Way

I studied different religions. I rejected everything including Unity when our wonderful awakened minister was replaced by a different woman. It felt like the air had been let out of my balloon when Carole O’Connel retired. I didn’t realize what a gift this was at the time, it caused me to look inside myself for the answers instead of looking for another person to show me who God was. I knew God was everywhere, I didn’t need anyone between me and God. I began to pray for health in earnest.

Connecting To The Earth

My third husband, Rich was a residential home builder. He encouraged me to start my own business. I was doing so many things I loved including faux finishing and gardening. I had just become a Georgia Master Gardener through The University of Georgia. I made the decision to do landscaping after a few professional faux finishing jobs. 

In 2001, I opened my business as For Heaven Scapes, Ltd. Working with the earth which grounded me and connected me deeply to nature, birds, plants, and rocks. I found that they all had a consciousness and communicated with me. Dogs would speak to me through their

minds and were so excited when I arrived at their homes, the owners had to let them spend time with me. The dogs knew I understood them. Even trees would ask me for help from their homeowners.

I worked diligently on my personal growth. I read voraciously. I divorced my third husband who was aggressive, rageful and abusive. Within six months I met John Armbruster who was the first person to love me unconditionally. Though we were only together for a very short time, after dying in my arms, I recognized the gift he gave me. 

Pain Is The Catalyst For Growth

I had been ruled by my emotions most of my life. I felt crazy for a time because I felt so out-of-control. In 2007, my dear friend Diana Davis introduced me to energy healing. Once I experienced a private session, I knew this was the ticket for my deep emotional healing. I became an advanced practitioner that year, using hypnotherapy. I began to clear my energy and others that year while continuing my landscaping business. 

My inward focus allowed me to shift my thinking. I became softer, more loving and all my fears left me. I have not been ill in any way since 2009.

Fibromyalgia Gone!
Fears Gone!
Depression Gone!
Anxiety Gone!
Physical Pain Gone!
Illness Gone!
Tumors Gone!

I traveled to India and Bali where I had profound experiences. Prior to traveling to Bali, I experienced a pop while toning (singing) to clear my chakras. I felt a huge shift in my consciousness which continued while in Bali. I studied The Akashic Records in Bali and published my first book, Odyssey Victim To Victory in 2011. 
Studying The Akashic Records shifted me profoundly. I began to hear the voice of God. I became a Mystic in 2012. 

What Awakening And Enlightenment Means To Me Personally

GO TO Boulder Colorado!

There are profound incidences that I can site where I was told emphatically to do something by God. Once was when God told me to move my landscaping truck and trailer before heading out of town in 2010. The storm ripped three 100-year-old oak trees down at my farm while I was away. After the trees struck the roof on the

old farmhouse I was living in I lost everything I owned due to black mold. The trees narrowly missed my truck and trailer by inches. Had I not moved them, they both would have been destroyed. The second most profound time God spoke to me was when I was told to move to Boulder, Colorado. 

BOULDER???? Where There Is Snow?

I grew up in Toronto, Ontario where snow and long winters are a way of life. I hated the cold. I had vowed never again to live in a climate where there it was cold and snowy. I couldn’t believe that God was telling me emphatically to go to Boulder! Believe it or not, this stubborn Canadian girl had become obedient. If God instructed me to do something, you better believe I did it, and I did it right away! I was always rewarded when I did. There had to be a reason for me to go to Boulder.

The last family photos with my truck

I sold everything including my Beloved pick-up truck, landscape equipment, and all my furniture, and gave away the rest. I pulled my daughter out of the affluent high school she attended in Alpharetta,

Georgia where being one of out of the 3,000 students she had slipped through the cracks because we weren’t affluent.  The weirdest thing of all, as if this whole story isn’t weird, is that I was terrified to tell my rageful ex that I was moving to Boulder, Colorado, because of our divorce agreement, I was bound by law to keep Ariel in one school district. Moving to Boulder violated that agreement. 
When I called to tell Rich, we were moving and where he admitted he had made a similar decision to move to North Dakota. His building business like so many builders had gone belly-up. He was
going to ask me to move out west so he could continue to see his daughter. My move to Colorado allowed him to see Ariel one entire week a month when he was on leave from the oil fields.

When God Has A Plan…..It’s Amazing!

Ariel wasn’t from an affluent family. She was on the low rung of the school totem pole. I had a vision of her being dragged into the woods where she ran cross-country by five boys after I was told to move to Boulder. This was not fear that I had, it was a movie I was shown through my third eye. 

Boulder Colorado and instant friends for Ariel

I knew the move was in her best interest as well. I was criticized by everyone I knew about taking her out of school mid-year. I did it anyway. When Ariel arrived on her first day at Boulder, High she was surrounded by a group of instant friends. They were a high caliber of caring individuals.  This was the first time she had such a solid group of friends. God took care of her too.

Becoming Blissful Permanently

Ariel and Tessa

I had been meditating daily for some time. I began doing The Divine Presence Process Meditation in Georgia with my friend, Bill Lasiter who now teaches Tantra. Sometimes we meditated remotely two or three times a day. The last vestiges of negativity and impermanence of my blissful state were removed. I began to stream consciousness and live in happiness and bliss permanently. 

I Asked God For A Friend, And She Showed Up Within Minutes

While walking a trail in Boulder after dropped Ariel off at school, I thought to myself, Ariel is taken care of with a wonderful group of friends. I felt that I could use a female friend as well. I stood on the peak of the Mount Sanitas Trail and asked God out loud, “Can you please send me a friend? Thank you!” Within minutes Leslie

Walters showed up. She had a son at Boulder High and two Labradoodles. She was on a spiritual path herself. It was perfect.

Mystical Experiences

I have had many mystical experiences. The most profound of all was when I returned to our apartment in Boulder after I dropped Ariel at school. I felt an overwhelming need to take a nap; I almost couldn’t stand up. As I lay down on top of my bed, I felt my body de-materialize, like in Star Trek, “Beam me up, Scotty!” My body felt pixilated; that was the last I remember. My son, David was cleaning pools in Atlanta, Georgia and I appeared on the pool deck in front of him in the flesh. Many yogis in India and other Saints have been seen in multiple locations. The act of bi-locating is a phenomenon of Mystics. Padre Pio was one such mystic who is said to have bilocated and performed healing on others.

How Did I Get There?

I set an intention to heal myself and become enlightened in this lifetime. I was singularly focused on my personal growth and evolution. I looked inward when I had a reaction to something. Rather than focusing on what others were doing, I turned my attention inside. When I had a reaction, I looked for the answer inside of me. 

Miracles and Prayers For Others

I have helped others clear negativity, physical pain, migraines, suicide, depression, anxiety, fears and mental chatter. I have prayed for miracles for others, and they have had many. I help those who are committed to healing and living a life of happiness and bliss permanently. Some people are healed in one hour; others take longer. Every person has their constitution and issues to heal. Everyone has experienced trauma. Trauma is a catalyst for your growth and healing so that you can experience happiness and bliss every day. Spending time with me, hearing my voice helps you heal. You will get what you intend. 

Blood Work Miracles

I recently visited a very negative woman with COPD and diabetes. She had a history of poor blood work. After holding her wrist for about five minutes, she felt a little dizzy, but not much else. When she went for her blood work her test results came back better than they have been in years. Her blood sugar was in the normal range and her oxygen levels were better than they had been in years.

Happiness and bliss are your natural state. If you are committed to healing your life come and see me in Atlanta next weekend at The Inner Space.  7:00 – 9:00 PM on Friday, September 7th – $20.00 per person
Private sessions on Saturday.

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