How Trust Can Deepen Your Bond and Improve Sex Exponentially

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Women need to trust their partners to relax, let go and tap into their wildest fantasies and passion. When trust is present women will feel free to express, explore and offer new and different experiences to their partners. Without trust, some women may not be able to reach orgasm or even relax completely. 

Trust is a big issue in relationships. There are many ways to build trust between two people. You will be surprised at how easy it is to create trust. However, the caveat is that trust can be eliminated forever when promises are broken or your actions don’t match your words. Trust is a two-way street. Both parties must be honest and live up to their commitments. If you aren’t consistently honest, no matter how trustworthy the other person is, trust cannot be created.

Sex is an intimate sharing. Great sexual experiences require a woman to feel safe, respected, adored, admired and loved completely. Men too will experience the ability to be more vulnerable and open when they trust their partner. Intimacy becomes deeper when trust is present. 

How To Build Trust

  1. Say what you are going to do and do what you say.
  2. Honor your word.
  3. Only commit to what you know for sure you can deliver.
  4. Communicate! Frequent open communication builds trust. When communication is poor, trust is broken. Poor communication is the biggest reason for relationships not working.
  5. If you can’t live up to your promise let the other person know immediately.
  6. Be honest. Telling the truth about what is going on with you can lead to understanding and even compromise. Telling the truth even when the news is bad will increase trust.
  7. Trust is built through small events. Each event leads to greater trust. When trust is present your partner will go to the ends of the earth to support you.
  8. Show that you care. When you exhibit caring others see it, feel it and will give you caring and compassion in return. Caring for your partner’s needs exhibits and open heart rather than selfishness. When you show a lack of caring others feel it and will sound an alarm; look out you can’t trust this person!
  9. Do the right thing. We trust those who are in integrity.
  10. Admit any wrongdoing immediately. When you can admit you are wrong you build trust. People trust others when they recognize you are honest no matter what. When you can’t admit your guilt your ego is running the show. People with large egos usually are selfish, self-centered and can’t be trusted.
  11. Don’t make excuses for your actions. Excuses diminish trust quickly.
  12. Never strike, abuse, berate or put down your partner. Once physical and emotional violence is present trust will not return. Even the threat of violence is abuse. 
It is the small things that build trust. Calling to tell your partner you will be late because of traffic builds trust. Not calling and arriving late causes friction, shows disrespect and isn’t honoring either of you. Consistency is key to keep trust on the forefront, rather than the back burner. Be a good communicator giving updates along the way.

Communication is what is needed by voice, with eye contact and your undivided attention. Glancing at your cell phone during a conversation negates trust. Not allowing your partner to see your phone or texts negates trust. 

Women need to know they are safe in and out of the bedroom. Most men are far stronger than women. Knowing a man can overpower you can be enough to make some women feel unsafe if they have been abused in the past. Yes, some women are abusive to their men as well. Physical violence has no place in a loving relationship. 

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