Every Breath You Take

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Because the very nature of God is Bliss, the man in attunement with Him experiences a native boundless joy. Paramahansa Yogananda

Breath is a powerful cure for what ails you. Breathing deeply will connect you to Divine Source energy and the Cosmos. Breath is the lifeblood of our physical form; it calms us and de-stresses. If you feel anxiety breathe in slowly and deeply exhaling just as slowly three times. 

This isn’t another article about breath, stay with me you won’t be disappointed. As we tap into the Cosmos and Divine energy that surrounds us, we also have at our fingertips in our hearts the love that the universe and God have for us. When you send that love back revering God, you will be forever fulfilled. It is where I live and breathe every day. My family of origin is considered heathens by many – Godless, nonbelievers. God realized people experience joy and bliss permanently.
Blissed out in nature

At sixteen, I knew there was something more to life. I watched people suffer, die and others born. The cycle of life and death had to be more than what my family believed. I became a seeker of truth. I found it. Not through a church but alone in nature. 

If you are still suffering in physical and emotional pain, I suggest you decide to end that suffering and begin to work with an enlightened being, like me. My energy will help you wake up and find your personal truth.

Obedience is part of faith and trust in God and The Universe. As a maverick, I shunned authority and bureaucracy. To be obedient was a huge stretch. Once I stopped fighting with myself and God, however, life became infinitely easier. Grace and joy filled me to the core.

I have never gone hungry or without shelter due to my faith. I am always provided for, in the past, it was often in the eleventh hour because my faith was constantly in question. Once I became completely faithful and obedient, there has not been lack, limitation or suffering. 

Living In Joy 

Once we have complete faith and trust that we are always taken care of we are Guided. If we follow the Guidance, we receive when it is given we are always rewarded. A deep faith leads to a blissful life free of suffering and strife. This is good news for those of you who are lost, and that God has forsaken you, it is the other way around. You have lost your way and faith. You don’t believe you will be taken care of. You don’t have the trust that you will always be provided for. I understand, this used to be me also.

What Do I Need To Do To Receive God’s Helping Hand?

Giving and Gratitude

Mark with the music we gave him

Selfless acts of giving bring us great joy. You are always rewarded by helping those in need, picking up other’s trash that you didn’t leave behind on a picnic table, or rest stop. Feeding homeless and the hungry will bring you great joy. Giving a compliment to your server, cashier or stranger on the street opens your heart and brings you joy. 


As we meditate on a daily basis, information comes to us that guides us for our day. We tap into the Divine Mind where nothing is unknown or new. We begin to have access to the wisdom of the ancients and Great Mystery. When we realize that there is no lack in the Universe, then there can be no lack within us either. The Cosmos is inside of us. We are the Cosmos. We are infinite beings, where there is no death.

We might get a message from a person we need to reach out to by phone or note. I get information about people that are in my awareness as clients or friends of family members that need healing. Yesterday, I was told to request permission to heal a child with Rhett’s syndrome which has left her unable to sit up, speak or feed herself. I have faith that this child will be healed, not by me, but through me. 

We All Have The Power To Heal

Illnesses like Cancer, diabetes, tumors even bunions will heal through faith. We all have the power to heal ourselves and others, the only thing standing in the way is a lack of trust and faith.

Women who are dealing with physical violence are guided to me as I have direct knowledge of how it manifests and how to remedy the situation. To help those struggling in destructive relationships and I know there are many join me for:  From Tainted To True Love again. 
Violence is on the rise because the light is also on the rise. The stronger the light becomes on this planet, the more issues that arise with those who have attachments and dark energies on them. 

The Core Of Our Being Is Love
Every person at their core is good. There is no evil in our soul. We are all loving spiritual beings. Each of us regardless of our color, race or creed we are One. When we hate others, we also hate ourselves. When we harm others, we also harm

ourselves. When we disrespect others, we also disrespect ourselves. When we abuse others, we also abuse ourselves. The more loving we are to ourselves and others, the younger and more youthful we look and the happier we are. 

October 27th is my sixty-second birthday. I couldn’t feel better and healthier if I tried. The more we love ourselves, the more we glow from the inside out. Just try it. 

         I LOVE ME! 

Repeat in the background of your mind when you are doing mundane tasks, this mantra alone is life changing.

The Original Recycling System

We all came from the same place. We all go back to the same place. We are all recycled souls. Dying a physical death, but remaining in spirit forever. There is no death of the soul, which is why we bring issues from past lives into this one. You might want to get your past life issues cleared to live a higher vibrating life. 

Please enjoy my favorite artist, Sting in  “Every Breath You Take.”

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