The Spirituality Bonded Intimacy

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Some people have sworn off relationships for the rest of their lives preferring the quiet solitude of singledom. Though this is a personal choice, being in a relationship is how we grow and reach our highest evolution. We learn more about ourselves when we are in a relationship than when we are alone.

As humans, we are sexual beings. As time goes by sex becomes less important for some, however, touch and intimacy can remain even when sex becomes an impossibility due to health or physical constraints. Other couples continue having wonderful sexual experiences, snuggling blissfully afterward until they die. Having someone to grow old with and spend our days with can help to lift us up when the burdens of life become a challenge. A spiritually bonded intimacy is what I help people achieve.

Why You Don’t Want To Avoid Relationships
Humans were meant to be coupled. Even when we are beyond our child rearing years having someone to enjoy companionship with offers a different perspective from our own. A partner will not think the same way we do. Our purpose on this planet is to grow and evolve. We have the most growth when we are in a bonded relationship. Committing to grow and evolve together needs to be part of your commitment to one another.

The Benefits of Spiritually Bonded Relationship

We have to know ourselves well to discover what we want and don’t want in a relationship. Most people don’t dive deep into this subject unless questioned. When we are deeply spiritual we need, to express our need for solitude, meditation, quiet and persuit of complete enlightenment and focus on growth with a person early in the dating process. If we cast our net into the dating pool looking for anyone, rather than someone specific, we get what we get.

In a spiritually bonded intimate relationship, there is no competition, we focus on each other’s wonderful traits and recognize that we are human with frailties. We feel connected, rather than competitive, we are able to risk being authentically ourselves, able to express anger, let it go and forgive. 

We express ourselves rather than suppress. We expand rather than make ourselves small. We never take each other for granted. We live fully, playfully in the present moment creating magic each day, letting go of the illusion. Relationships aren’t fairy tales, but they can be enlivening, supporting and certainly happy when we allow ourselves to express our truth compassionately and lovingly.

Maybe You Feel You Don’t Choose Well

In the past, you might not have chosen well, in your mind. Maybe however, you stayed with someone you should have only received the lesson from. I know I married someone that was hiding skeletons in their closet. I should have called off the wedding when I found out he was an alcoholic three weeks before, but I was too concerned about what people would think at the time. The alcoholism, was the tip of the iceberg of skeletons. His closet was full of because he was still in it.

I have used what I have learned during my lifetime, to present a course that will shift the way you view relationships. If you feel your picker is broken, I give you all the tools you need to notice, raise your awareness and wake you up to the red flags you ignored in the past. I teach you how differently men and women view relationships. You will learn what makes a man stay and what makes a man leave. 

I created this class because I saw a need for clarity in the minds of women around attracting their life partner. I know many women have come to know themselves and are wondering why they haven’t attracted their match. 

My very first class, of a series of six – which you can pay as you go at $44.00 per session (way less than an hour session with a therapist) you gain immediate insight from a list of RED FLAG questions and gain understanding the differences between the way men and women view relationships. Both of these will open your eyes and change the way you look at a potential date forever.

This class will empower you in ways you didn’t think possible. You will create a new NOW for yourself based on the clarity you will derive from this insightful weekly series. You will gain powerful understanding of past relationships when I help you recognize what you missed early on.

From Tainted To True Love is potent and changes will happen immediately because shifts occur based on the information I provide. I also offer a clearing of beliefs, blocks, self-sabotaging programs before the end of each call that helps you begin in a new whole way!

Each class is recorded and you will have access to this recording to refer back to again and again. The first class is available for you

now. (The first class on Red Flags is recorded for you already!)

Join us this Wednesday at 6:00 PM PST for our second class where we delve into:

  • changing beliefs that keep you from attracting love
  • discover the many ways we push love away
  • recognize the longing your soul has for deep spiritually bonded intimacy and how to achieve it
  • mantras to shift your unconscious mind
  • begin attracting men after the first class – evidence that this works! (Proven from my participants!)
  • get laser focused on what you want, so you attract it
  • a powerful manifesting exercise to attract your Divine partner quickly 
  • clearings each week of fears, blocks, and beliefs that keep you from attracting love

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