I’m An Ordinary Human

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Can you imagine what life would be like without love? No love for a newborn baby, no pets that love us, no partner’s love for us? Can you imagine what you would feel like if you could not feel emotion?

Is it worth giving up the experience of beauty and joy and love in order to end pain and suffering? The Giver

The Giver

Last night I watched a movie with Meryl Street, Brendon Thwaites, Jeff Bridges, Katie Holmes, Alexander Skarsgard, Odeya Rush, Cameron Monaghan and Taylor Swift. From great suffering, they formed communities as a solution. Disorder became harmony. With a daily dose of medication each person’s emotions are kept at bay. They have no feelings of anything other than contentment. Their morning injections take their emotions away. 

How many people in our world take medications to reduce emotional pain and feeling so that they feel nothing. Anti-depressants do not heal they mask pain. Pain is the source of awakening and a catalyst for our healing and growth.

The movie is centered around the character Jonas who lives in a colorless world where there is conformity. There is no conflict, no competition, lying, arguments, fighting or struggle. 

Jonas begins to receive memories of the old world. His first memory is that of a sled in the snow. As color begins to return to Jonas rather than seeing a monochromatic world, Jonas begins to see the color red, in apples, which represents passion and love. He uses his apple to receive his daily injection, rather than have his emotions eclipsed by drugs. As he begins to feel love, he changes and understands he has to bring love to his community or die trying.

Their entire world is based on contentment. The weather is perfect and completely static. There is no rain, snow or change of seasons. This

utopian world has strong guidelines and boundaries but is completely void of love. Meryl Streep plays the head elder. She feels that when people have the power to choose that they choose wrong every time.

Upon graduation, Jonas is chosen to be The Receiver and is downloaded with the old world’s history and past memories. He is the only one besides Jeff Bridges, The Giver who know what love and emotions feel like. 

I highly recommend this movie 
for its symbolism and teaching. If humans continue on the path we are currently on, our future isn’t far off what is depicted in this movie. We need to feel our emotions rather than mask them. We can’t take a pill to mask our grief, sadness and pain and expect to feel joy and love fully. We have to give love to ourselves first to be open to receive love in return. 

We need to feel love, touch one another and nurture our children. We can’t expect others to raise our babies and have them grow up healthy, balanced and stable. 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a phenomenal healer, helping women and men find the love within so that they live extraordinary lives in joy, beauty, love and happiness. Her books are available on Amazon.com

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