What and Who Is God?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Each of us can know and love God in a personal relationship. It is through my personal relationship with God that I write and answer your questions about what I have discovered about God.


God is all: Light, Love, and Life. There is no place that God isn’t. Which means God is in you.

God is a part of each of us. Searching for God outside of us will net an absence of God. Which is why sitting silently brings us in touch with the God inside each of us.

The contemporary scholar and mystic Thomas Merton describes it well: “If I penetrate the depths of my own existence and my own present reality, the indefinable I am that is myself in its deepest roots, then through this deep center, I pass into the infinite I AM which is the very name of the Almighty.”

It might be easier, to begin looking at what God is not. God is not a scary man in the sky. God does not smite, smote, judge or condemn. God is a consciousness that is in everything, rather than a being. The Divine Mind is God.
God is not the same as Creator.

Everything you experience, God does also. God is with you every moment in every day. There is never a time that God isn’t with you, as it isn’t possible for us to become separated from God. 

Once we begin to recognize that God is within, and feel that connection in every moment, we are considered Self-Realized or God-Realized. You and God are One. Feeling the God within fills us with a completeness, a sense of wholeness and infinite peace. We no longer feel lonely, lost of broken once we recognize this connection is never broken and feel it fully. Meditation is a powerful way to bring us into connection with the God within. 
God is the creative force behind everything. God is creative intelligence, Spiritual Life, Spiritual substance, and Prime Mover of all that is. God is always and in every way supporting us in our lives and creations. God brings to fruition what we believe about our lives and what we state is so for us.

God is The Divine Mind. When we say affirmations or mantras the power of The Universe and God begins to orchestrate our lives for us what we affirm. Whatever we command we bring to fruition. Which is why it is so important to watch our thoughts, reactions, and emotions. Our emotions are the rocket fuel to bring us what we think about, brood about and speak.

The opposite is also true, that when we make negative statements about our lives complain incessantly about all the bad things happening, God and The Universe bring more of what we complain about into our lives and circumstances.

Our Mind Is Not Our Friend

If we say, “I AM POOR.” God says, “Yes, sir you are!” Here you go, here are all those things that make you poor.

The Universe is God. God is The Universe. God is indwelling in all things. There is nowhere that God is not. Remember that writing on the bathroom stall? God saw what you wrote.

Remember your darkest hour crying in your bed? God saw that also.
Everything that God creates is imbued with His Essence or Life: substance and intelligence.
God is creative energy and the fire of creation. God is both masculine and feminine: light beyond anything we have ever seen in our sun, moon, stars or light waves. What we see has been stepped down considerably for us to view it. The great Light that is overall and surrounds everything is an expression of what God is and emits.
The clearer our energy field becomes, the closer we can become to God. As we clear our discordant energy while in the physical body, we become filled with light, rather than shadow or darkness. 

When we step into the Flow, we are swimming in the Vortex, the

energy of God. Our energy field expands when in the Flow. We are in appreciation, pure love, and light in the Divine Flow. Connecting with God gives us a delightful uplifting experience.

Our Personal Relationship With God
Beginning a conversation with God can happen for anyone. I began to pray when I didn’t believe in the existence of God. I didn’t even really know how to pray when I began to connect with God. I didn’t know if my prayers would fall on deaf ears.
Today, I experience God as a feeling of ecstasy that fills me to the core. I get chills, laughter, joy, and feel completely loved by God. I talk to God while I dance in the desert with my dogs. 
I deliberately connect to God when I meditate, dance, and walk in nature. Each of us can do this. Our hearts begin to open as our connection and relationship with God grows.
The deeper our faith becomes the easier we can manifest. The greater our connection with God/The Divine becomes, the higher our vibration becomes and the easier we can manifest.
Each of us will return to Spirit when we die. We are eternal beings. We don’t become an angel when we die, we become Spirit. Part of us is always Godforce. Part of us is Spirit. We are energetic beings. We are vibration. 
Eventually, when you raise yourself in spiritual awareness, you transcend the physical body and return to Light in complete Oneness with Spirit. Working with our High Selves we move beyond the separateness of God. We transcend the belief in good and evil and the belief that we are separate from God.
Energy clearings to eliminate our discordant energy raises our vibration. We are more able to connect with God when we are clear. God consciousness flows through us, around us and is in everything. We are Spirit first, humans second. The clearer our field is the closest to that of God. When we are disconnected from God and feel lost our energy is so low that we aren’t in alignment with that of The Divine or God. 
Feeling Disconnection From God
When we are insecure we are disconnected from God.
When we are feeling hate we are disconnected from God.

When we are feeling resentment we are disconnected from God.


When we are feeling jealousy we are disconnected from God.
Focusing on the problem gets you out of the flow.
Focusing on the solution allows The Divine to step in and orchestrate your life for you. The more we repeat the stories of our problem the more mired we are in the problem rather than the solution. 
Allowing Joy To Flow
When we begin to ask for assistance from God and get out of the way, we receive the help we need, maybe not what we want. We might ask questions to receive assistance from The Universe and God. 
“How can I easily and effortlessly have ___________?”

Who are you? God is in you around you and through you. You are Spirit. Each of us was created in God’s image. God is in you with you and is who you return to when you die. 

Not All Yogis Wear Turbans

You Must Have Your Personal Experience

Each of us needs to cultivate a relationship with God. As with any relationship the more we connect, talk, love, enjoy and appreciate The Divine, the closer we become. God loves praise, love, and joy. Praise God, love God and give back to God by doing for others, loving yourself and everyone on this planet. The more gratitude, reverence, compassion you have for what you have the better you feel and the more appreciation you show for The Divine (God). 
You are the creator of your own reality. Embrace it! 

What You Can Do Now To Connect To God

  1. breathe deeply
  2. sit quietly
  3. meditate
  4. find something to be grateful for
  5. pray and ask for God’s help.
  6. quiet mind chatter – do mantras several times a day
  7. get clarity get clear – set up a private session with Jennifer 

An energy clearing will give you clarity, calm the mind chatter, allow you to sleep better, clear anxiety, help you feel positive, lighter. Suicidal programs can be cleared; there is hope. If you feel hopeless, contact me right NOW! [email protected]


Deepak Chopra has written many books. One you might be interested in reading is How To Know God. Following is an excerpt from his book about the levels of consciousness as he knows them. 
Level 1 (Fight-or-Flight Response)
You fulfill your life through family, community, a sense of belonging and material comforts.
Level 2 (Reactive Response)
You fulfill your life through success, power, influence, status and other ego satisfaction.
Level 3 (Restful Awareness Response)
You fulfill your life through peace, centeredness, self-acceptance and inner silence.
Level 4 (Intuitive Response)
You fulfill your life through insight, empathy, tolerance and forgiveness.
Level 5 (Creative Response)
You fulfill your life through inspiration, expanded creativity in art or science and unlimited discovery.
Level 6 (Visionary Response)
You fulfill your life through reverence, compassion, devoted service and universal love.
Level 7 (Sacred Response)
You fulfill your life through wholeness and unity with the divine.
Adapted from How to Know God by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2007).

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