Happy Birthday To Me!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I don’t know about you, but when my birthday comes around, I like to celebrate. It is not the passing of the years that brings me joy; it is that I am alive to live another day! 

I was born on the heels of Hurricane Hazel, my mother said I was a hurricane myself. Life is certainly what we make it, and I am making mine one of great joy, celebration, and dance. 

Dance makes me happy, moves my soul and connects me to the earth. I rejoice in the music, and grateful I can still groove like an eighteen-year-old. 

My birthday is a celebration for several reasons. I use the Septimal Laws of The Universe to plan my life and calendar. The past fifty-two days are considered my decay cycle. I am glad to be back moving forward re-building and re-birthing. I’ll explain as we go, you might find this interesting.

Cycles of Rebirth – The Septimal Cycles – Septimal Law

I use the Universal Septimal Cycles to plan my calendar. The seven 52-day cycles offer different energies to use to accomplish what we need to. Governing our lives according to these cycles makes things flow effortlessly when utilized for the greatest advantage. 

7. Decay Cycle

The decay cycle completed the previous year, culminating on the last day before your birth. Beginning 52-days before your birthday this period is one of rest, breaking down, releasing and re-cooperating. It is not a time to have invasive surgery or dental work was done. Since the body is in decay during this time healing is slower than usual. Beginning anything new is not recommended. 

1. Opportunity Cycle

Beginning on your birthday: This is the first cycle in your Septimal calendar.  From the day of your birthday, each of us enters a period of opportunity. You will have the most energy during this 52 day period. It is the best time to advance your interests with others who have the power/influence to help you. The first cycle is the best time to ask for favors, seek employment, form partnerships or make investments. Good time to advance yourself among the people city, state or country, to build your credit standing or reputation and push yourself forward. Best time to push yourself forward with determination so far as your name, integrity and honor are concerned.

2. Transient Cycle

Starting on day 52 after your birthday: This is the second cycle. Best time for short journeys or trips of immediate importance. Excellent time for moving about if that should prove necessary. Best time for changes and projects that can be started and finished within the period itself. Best for transporting or shipping. Excellent opportunity for businesses that transport liquids. This cycle is an unfavorable period for borrowing or lending money. Not good for starting the construction of a building. The worst time for investments and gambling in any form.  

3. Energy Cycle

Starting on day 104 after your birthday:

Avoid arguments Exercise discernment and discrimination. Brings a great inflow of energy which makes you want to do great and important things. With the careful direction, this is the best period to improve your health and your business. However, good judgment is needed. You will be tempted to undertake projects with no possibility for success. Or projects that take so long to develop that you have to abandon them before completion. Use this time to overcome obstacles that have blocked progress in the past. Good time to oppose competitors. Unfavorable time to deal with women. But a great time for women to appeal to men – favors and aid.

4. Imagination Cycle

Starting on day 156 after your birthday: Avoid entering marriage, hiring help, buying homes or land The mental and spiritual nature is stimulated. Excellent time for writing books, producing plays, making plans. Great time for expressing imagination, quick thinking and the ability to express your thoughts lucidly. Your mind will be filled with new ideas which will come very rapidly. It is important that you grasp them quickly and put them into practice before they are forgotten or filled with new ideas. Good period to act on hunches and impulse. You will be optimistic, somewhat nervous and restless, with your imagination highly charged. Good period to deal with literary people, writers, journalists, magazine publishers. Be careful to scrutinize all legal documents as deception is possible.

5. Expansion Cycle

Starting on day 208 after your birthday: Avoid every negotiation that is not completely legitimate. Greatest success can be achieved during this time in personal affairs. Your interests will expand, and your prosperity will increase. Your mind will become a more effective instrument sharper and clearer. You will become more open and social with others, have more compassion and move with more confidence. Good time to deal with courts, governments officials, people of wealth, begin new ventures that will take a longer period to grow, to plan large business negotiations, or to undertake long journeys. Good time to collect money due, or to speculate. Avoid every negotiation that is not legitimate. Avoid dealing with marine affairs and meat products/cattle.

6. Rest and Relaxation Cycle

Starting on day 260 after your birthday: Best cycle for rest, relaxation, and amusement. It does not mean that business will not prosper, on the contrary, all good legitimate businesses will continue with almost as much success as the preceding period. Great time for short or long trips for cultivating and renewing friendships. Men among women and women among men and to renew friendships and relationships that already exist. Fortunate time for business matters that touch upon art, music, literature, sculpture, flowers and adornments. Good period for a man to seek favors, business agreement or cooperation from a woman. Best period to buy stocks or bonds, investments and employ others.

7. Decay Cycle

Starting on day 312 after your birthday: Avoid surgery, invasive dental treatmentsMost critical period of your yearly cycle. It is a time of ending and falling away to make way for newer and better. Often the sense of distress and loss may cause foolish actions and decisions. 

It is a time of devolution which always proceeds a period of evolution and new opportunity. Take time to rid yourself of the old & unwanted. Exercise good judgment. Let those things that are falling away do so, but don’t deliberately break ties or destroy relationships. You may become despondent and easily discouraged. Do not permit the pessimism of this period to warp your judgment or influence decisions. Need to be more alert than normal to your reactions to external influences.

Using the Septimal Laws will help you make decisions, plan and live according to Universal Laws.

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