We Have A Groovy Kind of Love

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Relationships are what we make them. The happier we are with ourselves and more in love with life, our world and who we are, the better our relationships become. Saying yes, rather than no makes you infinitely more approachable opening you to the infinite possibilities of the beautiful universe.

I am an expert at relationships because I have had all kinds of them. I know what works and what doesn’t. I counsel and guide both women and men of all ages on happiness which is the foundation for a balanced relationship. Sometimes we get stuck and need someone to untangle our upsets and help us get back on track, which is what I help couples and singles do. We get triggered by our partners, friends and family and may blame the person who pressed on our sensitive button from past events.

Once we are happy with ourselves everything including our relationships improve. Our biggest problem is feeling that others owe us something or having expectations of others that are too high.

How To Release Your Partner From Bondage

We expect someone else to make us happy. Let go of waiting for happiness to come from outside of you. It doesn’t. Leaving one relationship and jumping into another won’t do it if you aren’t first happy and in love with yourself first. If you don’t love yourself first, how can anyone else love you?

Shift Your Perspective

 1. Do life differently. Loving life means having some adventures along the way.Take a different route to work. Invite a friend to join you for lunch and let them know how much they mean to you. Love comes in all different colors, sizes, and shapes. Friendships, family members, and pets all bring love into our lives. 

Cook naked! Eat dinner on your patio or take a walk somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Make life a joy by changing up your old familiar patterns by feeding your partner juicy fruit in bed. Enjoy each moment, we never know how many we have left.

2. Have some fun. Doing the same thing, in the same way, every day leads to boredom, rather than a love of life. Incorporate fun,

and happiness into your day. Plan to meet with friends in person, rather than by text. Seeing others face-to-face so you can hug them, see their response and touch them is infinitely more fun that talking or texting. Play board games, rather than being bored with life. Make life a game!

3. Enjoy nature every day. Our earth is full of surprises and joy. We need to get outside to witness the beautiful and the magical daily. Trees and plants have a consciousness and will return love to you. Try it, hug a tree, tell it you love it and feel what comes back to you.

Love is groovy when you make life more interesting and fun. Change up your routine and enjoy the love of your life, even if you are the one on the receiving end! 

Jennifer isn’t just a coach. She is a multi-faceted powerful healer and vibrational light worker that clears past patterns of negativity,

trauma, and abuse so that you can feel comfortable in your own skin, anxiety-free with a clarity and peaceful inner being so you can be happy with you. When you are happy with you everything in your life becomes one of ease and Grace.

Get your FREE 30-minute session with Jennifer to find out if her work is a good fit for you. Book your session with Jennifer right now and become happy with yourself and your life so you can attract a healthy high-quality relationship instead of someone who mistreats you.

 Jennifer is the author of three books, the latest is:

Happy Here, Happy Anywhere:

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