What You Can Do To Help The US This Election

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

November 8, the American people go to the polls to vote in our Presidential election. This is an election where everyone’s vote counts. The stock market is bracing for a huge swing depending on who wins. Everyone is on pins and needles, including other nations. 

Everything is in Divine Order. 

Love is always the answer. 

We are all being taken care of.

As we come to the end of 2016 we are completing a nine-year cycle.  2017 marks a new beginning and a new cycle. Nothing will be the same in 2017. I have been up since 2:30 this morning meditating. I feel peace and calm not unrest. Everyone matters. You matter. 

Whether you are in the United States, Canada, Russia, Israel, India, France, or The Ukraine, change is coming. Today’s US election is part of this change. Healing for our planet is happening. People are waking up. Be at peace with your vote, be at peace with yourself, your neighbor and love one another. Love is always the answer. 

The muck-raking and back-stabbing of this election is representative of people’s fears. All that humans fear has been stabbed, picked at and brought to the surface. One thing you can count on is that change is happening. 

Vote for the steady hand.

Vote for wisdom.

Vote for the one who has the steadfast energy to take us into peace.

Don’t vote in anger. Vote in peace.

Don’t vote in hate. Vote in love. 

I am ready!I am love.

I am wisdom.I am peace.

Trust your Guidance.Trust yourself and love one another. If we fight, we are in fear.If we control, we are in fear.If we feel lost, we are in fear.
Join me in loving yourself fearlessly. Love is the core of each and everyone. Love is at the core of each candidate. The United States will survive, maybe not exactly as we have in the past. The world will survive. Know that I love you. I am spending the day in silence and prayer. When we all come together in peace, love and trust we cannot fail. 

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