What is The Difference Between Being Conscious and Unconscious Spiritually?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

It has been said that everyone is awake, we are just not aware of it. Can one really be conscious if we can’t see it? The difference between being conscious and unconscious is an increased awareness of the aliveness of everything in our world and how we are supported in it. 

So do you choose the red pill or the blue pill? Either way, you come to the end of the road, one way will bring you happiness and bliss, the other endless suffering.

In the movie the Matrix, Neo has a choice between the red pill, reality, or the blue pill, illusion. Before awakening or being conscious, we live in illusion. We think things are a certain way because we can’t see the truth. Once we take the red pill, the blinders come off and we recognize the signs in nature, our intuition and the way The Universe really works. 

We might begin to hear things in the news that we don’t believe. We recognize that everything we hear isn’t necessarily 100% true. We might hear a voice in our head telling us something, but we push it away and ignore it. 

The universe is always supporting us whether we see and believe it or not. Our intuition is there, guiding us whether we listen and act on it, or whether we shove it down and ignore it. 

We might drive down a road because we get a hit or gut feeling that we need to take a turn along a road we have never been on before. When we do, we might be looking for a home to rent that suits us perfectly and we are guided directly to a perfect home on the perfect piece of land we were imagining, only better!

Awakening is a gradual process for most people. We begin to notice a hawk flying overhead just as we get an amazing idea. We are able to see things from a very different perspective like a hawk does. The hawk is a guidepost along the road of life to show us we are headed in the best direction. Nature brings us signs that our prayers are answered or that we are moving in the best direction in many different ways.

Around 2002, I had a profound experience. I had gone against my husband’s advice and mowed my friends’ one-acre yard. It was right before Thanksgiving and they were expecting a crowd to celebrate. I took the job as it was paying cash and a favor to my friends. I had never been to their home before, as I had interacted with them on a professional basis, mowing and maintaining their business property in Atlanta. I maintained  both residential and commercial properties. 

I was beginning to believe my husband was right because I got three flat tires on my $10,000 Zero-radius mower. I ran over three metal pike flags that I couldn’t see in the tall grass. I knew my mower would be out of commission for days and cost me more than half what I made on the mowing job. I was beginning to beat myself up for choosing to take the job when I had other things to do to prepare for Thanksgiving.

We Begin To Recognize We Are Guided

What happened on my way home, though made up for any loss. I got the feeling I should turn down a particular road that I had never been down. When I did, I found a 100-year old farm house for rent on seven acres surrounded by 100-year-old oak trees. There were beautiful rolling hills, pastures, room for horses and shade from the beautiful trees. The place had a barn to store my landscaping equipment and was idyllic.

Trusting my guidance and following it began to prove an easier way to live my life. I followed my gut feeling and found an incredible place that I could live following my divorce. I love old houses with character. This farm was an incredible find! A beautiful property with trees is more important to me than any house. This property had a lake at the back and a place to have horses for my daughter. The Universe had guided me to the perfect place, that I would never have found on my own. 

As we begin to wake from our slumber we recognize that inner voice is always operating for our highest and best good. When we follow the inner voice we are always rewarded. We might be directed to speak with a person, we might be Guided to apply for a particular job. Our internal guidance system is our God-given gift of insight. Following and learning to trust it is part of awakening.

Life Becomes Easier When We Trust The Process 

When we stop trying to control our environment and our world, life takes on a different hue. Instead of pushing with our energy, we begin to use Universal energy instead. When we allow things to unfold rather than attempting to make things happen, the outcome is so much more beneficial for all concerned.

Unconscious vs Conscious

When we are unconscious we don’t notice the signs and take turns and twists that could be avoided. We make things hard for ourselves. We don’t know that there is an easier way. We are unaware of the way we create our lives with our thoughts and feelings. 

We make ourselves sick, literally
with what we think and believe.

When we are unconscious, we eat to suppress our feelings. We tend to eat whatever we want without being aware of how our diet can damage or heal our bodies. We give our power away to doctors and health care practitioners expecting them to fix us with a pill. 

We use food, sex, alcohol or take drugs to mask our feelings, rather than feeling our feelings fully and allowing them to move through us. 

We act in self-destructive ways because we can’t express our feelings constructively. 

We breathe shallowly because we don’t feel worthy. When we begin to breathe deeply, we begin to affirm life in every breath and begin to live in the present moment. Everything is happening in the present. Connecting to the present is needed for awakening to occur. 

We blame others for the way we feel rather than taking responsibility for ourselves, our happiness and our world. We look for a job or relationship to make us feel happy, rather than looking inside for the answers to our deepest issues. 

We don’t recognize that when we suppress our anger that simple act leads to depression. We look to a pill to fix something that we have done to ourselves. A pill is not a cure, but rather a band-aid that masks the real issue. 

We don’t take responsibility for our happiness or our health and give it over to other people to take care of us. 

When we are unconscious we are doing, doing, doing. When we become conscious we stop pushing our energy to force things to happen, and we live in a state of being instead. When we stop forcing our energy we live in a state of allowing. 

A state of allowing is where we stop trying to control everyone in our lives and world, recognizing that there is a higher purpose to life than a rat race of education, work, children, and death.

Joy Is Our Natural State

When we feel sad or depressed, it is difficult to imagine a life of joy. But I promise you, as dark as my past has been being awake and aware brings you infinite joy. In fact, living a life of joy is what we are all meant to do. Joy is our natural state. By clearing the beliefs, patterns, and programs that limit you, the freedom to be joyful opens to you. 

We Are All In This Together

I had a beautiful friend that transitioned in 2012. Joanne Butler was and still is a beautiful soul, full of love, laughter, and joy. Joanne the closest thing to an angel that I have had the honor to know. She made my life so much brighter helping me to see that each of us has our part to play in the game of life. Her favorite phrase was, “We’re all in this thing together!” 

We might not see it immediately, but each of us is part of the whole. We each have our job to do on this planet. Each of us is love at our core. When we recognize that life happens for the good of all and that no one is doing anything to us, we recognize the power of The Universe in everything that occurs. Others help us along our path by triggering us so that we can heal. 

Nothing Is An Accident

When we are asleep or unconscious we are unaware of the way that The Universe works. We think we are making things happen. We think we are in control of our lives. We don’t realize that everything we have is given to us by The Divine and The Universe. When we wake up, we recognize how we can create more by aligning with Universal Flow and Divine Love. When we are in the complete state of allowing, aligned with the love within and outside of us we create miracles, bliss and magic become a way of life. 

As we begin to awaken and become conscious we recognize how our lives are orchestrated and that each event that occurs is for a reason. We are meant to learn something from our experiences so that we grow. Even having what we consider a bad or negative experiences, like trauma or abuse teaches us something and is for the good of our soul. 

We Create What We Expect

When we are unconscious we beat ourselves up with our thoughts and beliefs. We feel unworthy, have doubts, beliefs, and thoughts that cripple us. 

When we are conscious, we recognize that we create with our thoughts and expectations. When we begin to expect the best, it happens!

The Gift Of Choice

We are presented with choices. We can choose to experience something and move forward with a relationship or job or not. We can make the decision to not date, or marry a particular person and choose someone else instead. Each experience is to stretch us and make us grow. We are meant to learn, grow and expand. The experiences in our life are meant to teach us to be okay with whatever is going on and find ways to not let certain issues bother us. 

We Always Get What We Need

Once we take the red pill, like Neo did, there is no turning back. You won’t want to. What do you choose? 

Like the Rolling Stones song, we don’t get what we want, but we get what we need. We may want a new car or relationship, but if it hasn’t happened yet, there is a reason. Perhaps you have a lesson to learn. Maybe you need to learn to be more conservative with spending. Or perhaps you don’t lovingly accept yourself. The more loving we can be with ourselves, the better our life turns out. The bottom line is whether we are awake or asleep, we are supported by The Universe waiting for us to ask for assistance along the way.

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