Creating Sacred Space For Peace and Harmony In Your Home

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Each person can create a feeling of peace, harmony, and sacredness in each room of their home. Our home is our sanctuary and place where we rest, meditate, sleep and make love. Each room in our home can be sacred with your intention and a few daily practices. 

If there is light in the soul,
there will be beauty in the person.
If there is beauty in the person, 
There will be harmony in the house.
If there is harmony in the house,
There will be order in the nation.
If there is order in the nation,
There will be peace in the world.
Chinese Proverb

Before your home can become a sacred place there must be order, cleanliness, and peace. Arguing, complaining and fighting in our homes leaves negative energy. When we begin to refrain from having arguments in our sacred places, there will be peace, tranquility. When we have tranquility and peace in our home, we sleep better; our relationships are smoother, and we feel happier. 

Set An Intention

Begin with an intention to clear anything unwanted, unruly or negative from all areas of your home. You can pray a prayer as you do your space clearing. Use something simple, so you remember as you clear your space.

“I release all that no longer serves my home and me.”

“I clear and remove anything less than radiant love 

Space Clearing

Once your space is clean and free of clutter, you can begin to clear the energy. Several different methods can be used to clear energy. A brass bell is a powerful and clean way to clear negativity. 

Brass Bell or Chime
  1. Begin at the front of the house ringing the bell into the corners, closets and reaching high into the corners and ceiling. Most low vibrational energy will be low along baseboards and in corners, under beds and furniture.
  2. Ring the bell in the four corners of each room, high and low, moving toward the back of the house. You can open a door at the back of the house to let energy out that needs to leave.
  3. Move upstairs beginning at the front, moving into the back, letting negative energy out a balcony door or window.


Burning sage or cedar is a way that Native Americans have cleansed spaces and prepared for ceremonies for hundreds of years. Light the sage using a bowl to catch the ashes as they drop. Fan the flames into the corners, closets and along the baseboards, as you would use the bell. Open your door to usher out the negativity. Be sure to cleanse inside cabinets, microwaves and ovens. 

Sage has a pleasant smell. You can sage each person in the household and pets to clear negativity as well. For humans, lift arms and feet to sage under armpits and along each person’s back, neck and above the head.

When clearing an animal with sage begin using the sage above their head and move to their tail. Be careful to catch falling embers so that you don’t burn your pet. You may have to move with them, staying calm and peaceful in your mind. Animals often take on our stuff and need to be cleared as well. Cats absorb negativity, while dogs repel it. Dogs do their form of yoga – notice how often you see your dog do a down dog!

Candles, Incense and Meditation

Burning white candles and incense can shift and lighten energy as will prayers and meditation. 

I meditate in my bedroom and living room daily. This practice of mindfulness and stillness lifts the vibration in your home and can be felt by others. When we meditate in the same place each time, our body recognizes the energy and goes into stillness more readily. 

Creating An Altar

An altar can be something as simple as a statue of Buddha, Ganesha, with an incense burner or candle. You can add fresh petals or a small vase of flowers.

Flowers raise the vibration of a room immediately. Use fresh flowers, or silk, rather than plastic. Fresh flowers are preferable to artificial. If you have a garden cut flowers daily and bring them inside to increase the vibration of your home. 

Making Your Home Sacred

When we have a sacred place within our home, even if it is only one room, the harmony will begin to spread throughout. Keep your sacred place clean, tidy and orderly. Spirit and The Universe loves order. Pick up after yourself and put things in their rightful place. The more orderly your home is, the more orderly your mind naturally becomes. When there is order harmony happens naturally.

Each day, light your incense and candles before you meditate. You can use votive candles in small glass holders to keep the candles safe. Keep clutter picked up in the sacred places in your home. Before long you will recognize that this idea of sacred space and order feels so good you will want order everywhere!

Making your bedroom a sacred place will help deepen the sensual experience of your intimate relationship. 

Music To Raise Vibration

The sound OM is a powerful cleansing sound for our body-mind-spirit and our home. I have found several very high vibrational tracks to listen to in YouTube. Here is one I especially like. 

Creating Harmony Outdoors

Roses are the highest vibrating flower on our planet. Bamboo symbolizes fast growth and is very effective in raising vibration when the plant is kept healthy and vibrant. Bamboo also represents wealth and health. Other beautiful plants to use in your garden are herbs, perennials like Lavender, salvia, and Peonies. Peonies are the flower of love. Harnessing the beautiful fragrance of these flowers in essential oils will also raise the vibration of your home in a diffuser. 

A labyrinth is a fabulous way to create sacredness in your garden. Walking a labyrinth mindfully with a question can help you find your answer. There are labyrinths in public places, churches, and healing centers.

Feng Shui 

Feng Shui is the art of placement that the Chinese have used for thousands of years. Using Feng Shui in your home can bring harmony, love, and prosperity. The five elements and compass

directions are part of Feng Shui. Using Feng Shui in your bedroom can bring love in or keep it out, depending on the placement of furniture and pictures.

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