3 Reasons you Need To See Moana

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

With a Thanksgiving opening next to Frozen, Moana is this year’s kid’s movie, with a strong message for adults. Not only does

Moana encompass a life journey with a purpose but teaches us powerful lessons as well. 
I won’t ruin the movie for you, but I will tell you what you will get out of it.

3 Reasons To See This Movie

  1. It will leave you feeling inspired
  2. You will learn something about yourself
  3. Moana will help you follow your dreams 

Dwayne Johnson plays an ego-maniac, shape-shifting Demi-God very well opposite newcomer, Auli’i Cravalho, born and raised in Oahu, Hawaii. She was fourteen when she landed the role and just turned sixteen November 22nd. She was the last person to audition for the role. 

 Moana isn’t your usual Disney damsel in distress movie. The movie is action packed with plenty of humor, adventure, danger, and empowerment. If you are searching for what’s missing in your life, I suggest you take yourself to this movie, and soon.

Yes, Moana is a princess, with an over-protective loving father. Moana is fierce, driven and powerful. Remember, this is a Disney movie. The characters have human characteristics with enough humor packed between the lines to keep you interested, laughing, with a strong message.

While Moana’s parents attempt to protect her from the dangers of the world beyond their reef, Moana recognizes her calling. Sometimes, our grandparents have a more relaxed view of the world than over-protective parents do and provide the guidance that parents miss when they are fearful.

A quick 2-minute trailer with sound:

The movie’s message:

  • girls (women) are strong and powerful
  • women can succeed and be happy on their own – without a man
  • we all have gifts
  • most of us recognize our gifts as children, but parents often suppress them out fear
  • when we don’t follow our heart, we are unhappy
  • you already have everything you need inside you
  • you don’t need a crutch to succeed
  • trust your heart
  • when we have a calling, we have to listen
  • when we listen to others, we won’t step into the void where magic happens
  • when our heart is missing, we are angry, spiteful and fearful of others – to the point of lashing out or blaming
  • when our heart is open and present, we are beautiful, loving and accepting
  • sometimes we have to go it alone, and that’s okay

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