Don’t You Forget About Me

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Each of us has a person from our past that we wonder about. What would happen if you were to meet them today? What might happen if you met someone a second time? How might it change your life? What would you do if you had a second chance? Would you blow it? Would you kiss them? Would you tell them how much they meant to you?

With the aid of Internet, many people are rekindling romances from years ago. Those who were once married are not divorced and single. 

I had an opportunity a year ago to rekindle an old romance with a man I had a fling with many years ago when I was a flight attendant. After thirty years he had gone through a divorce and reached out to me. There was a comfort between us that knowing each other long ago created. 
Over the Thanksgiving holiday, my daughter and I were out in a mountain town called Tehachapi. Most of the tables were full, so I asked a couple if we could join them. They both seemed friendly and even moved to sit next to one another so we could have more room. 

While my daughter and I settled into our seats, I couldn’t help but notice the tender way the man placed a napkin next to his wife’s plate. He looked at her through eyes of love. It was apparent to me that they had a really connected relationship. I had to ask.

Jed was a ski bum without a care in the world till he was in his thirties. They met when he returned to California between ski seasons. Fate placed them together at a wedding, and the rest is history. Their marriage was tender, loving but it wasn’t always that way. What most people don’t understand is that we all have issues to work through. When we meet early in life, most of us haven’t cleared up our abandonment and anger issues. Until we do, there are challenges within our relationships. 

Jed and Christine never forgot each other after their first meeting. When they saw each other a second time, they recognized the spark and connection. They worked through their issues to be where they are today. Jed’s tenderness towards Christine used to be tainted with his large ego. He stopped having to be right all the time and having to have the last word. Christine’s softness was a quality that Jed loved. She wasn’t a shrew demanding what she wanted. They had weathered the storms of life and recognized that neither was forgettable. Jed didn’t let Christine get away the second time around.

This couple told me their story. Actually, Jed told me their story. Christine was modest and smiled slightly while listening to her husband talk. There was no resentment or control between them. Christine didn’t interject or correct Jed when he spoke. They thought about their past with love, rather than rancor. Couples that view their past through eyes of love have greater success than those who don’t. 

Resentment and anger will kill a relationship. Control, fear, hatred and enabling are also major debilitating problems. Having these type of feelings about an ex will stop love in its tracks!

How To Communicate In Loving Ways

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