3 Simple Techniques To Use To Eliminate Negative Emotions

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

We pick up negative energy in our workplace, driving in our cars when someone cuts us off, and anytime a conversation takes place where we experience an emotional upset. Our emotions are the biggest cause of the negative energy that builds in our energy field. Taking care of ourselves includes clearing negative emotions from our field. Following are three simple and inexpensive ways to clear your energy.

It is always a good time to release negativity from our field. The best times, however, are during a Mercury Retrograde or at a full moon.

1. Intentional sacred clearing using Epsom salts soaks. Clean your bathtub first. Rinse out any cleaning agent carefully. Throw 3 – 5 handfuls of Epsom salts into the tub as you fill it with water as hot as you can stand it. This bath will serve several purposes, it will help you with any aches and pains, eliminate restless leg syndrome when done daily and will help to clear your energy field of negativity.

As you fill the tub stand over the tub holding your hands over the water or just gazing at the water and state your intention. I have done my intentions out loud and in my head and both work well. Setting an intention before you begin makes the bath experience one of healing and awareness. “This bath is to release negativity and clear my energy field.” The simpler the better. You can light a candle if you wish, I tend not to do so so that I can experience the clearing without worrying about what my candle might or might not do. Flowers aren’t necessary either, but you can add a few drops of essential oil, like lavender. 
Test the water temperature. If it is scalding hot, add a little cool water so you can comfortably get in the water. Lie in the full tub with your body and head submerged to cover your third eye in the middle of your forehead. 
While laying back in the water repeat the following and add whatever emotions you know you carry. As you begin, more will come to you, just let the words flow out loud. Be kind to yourself with your words. Have compassion for your inner being. You have experienced so much and deserve to be treated lovingly and tenderly.
  • I release the burden of resentment
  • I release the burden of anger
  • I release the burden of rage
  • I release the burden of hate
  • I release the burden of unworthiness
  • I release the burden of co-dependency
  • I release the burden of shame
  • I release the burden of guilt
  • I release the burden of unforgiveness
  • I release the burden of envy
  • I release the burden of jealousy
  • I release the burden of insecurity
  • I release the burden of being unlovable
  • I release the burden of abandonment
  • I release the burden of rejection

Allow whatever emotions rise to the surface to be released with your statements. When you are releasing these emotions ask, “I ask that the energies being released be raised to the highest light and used to bless my body, mind, and soul, thank you.

Follow up the release work with positive affirmations. Once you are free of all this negativity allow yourself to soak in loving affirmations.

I am beautiful
I am loving
I am peaceful
I am harmonious
I love this body
I love my mind
I am so grateful to have this beautiful healthy body.
Once you have soaked for about forty minutes allow the water to drain out. When the water is almost gone carefully stand up and shower off the salt water and any remaining energy. You will feel free, lighter and beautiful. Your soul will love you for this intentional cleansing.

For more power and clarity, do a series of baths consecutively, like three days in a row, or seven days in a row. You will be surprised at the positive changes you feel emotionally, mentally and physically. 

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2. Cathartic primal screaming outdoors. Primal screaming is great therapy. I take people out into the desert or the forest of Colorado to do this release work. You can do it anywhere you feel comfortable screaming out loud. Scream until you feel you can’t scream anymore. You might cry, you might laugh afterward, all are completely normal.
Begin by stomping your feet like a child having a temper tantrum. Move your arms and really get your body into the experience of letting go of frustration, anger, and rage. Screaming outside can leave you feeling spent, and freed up to create. When we experience anger and don’t let it out in positive ways it causes harm to our physical body. Holding emotions in create blocks in our field. Speaking of how we are feeling or working it out with dance, exercise or hitting baseballs in a batting cage are other ways to release negative energy.

After your cathartic release outside, follow it up with a sacred cleansing bath and feel amazingly free, positive and lighter.

Follow up your cathartic screaming with positive affirmations:

  • I am loved
  • I am safe
  • I am secure
  • I am strong, powerful, harmonious, loving and happy

3. Walk outside at sunrise. Native Americans have been using the sun to cleanse their field for generations. The sun has been worshiped for its healing powers by many native peoples. Ask for the sun to remove any negativity. Express gratitude to nature and the sun for its power.

Clearing our energy is something we need to do regularly. The daily accumulation of negativity builds over time causing depression, anxiety and health issues. Doing any of these exercises will free your heart to be happier, healthier and feel so much more positive. 


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