The Third Eye: Why They Don’t Want You To Know

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

The pineal gland is an endocrine gland like the pituitary, thyroid or pancreas that secretes a hormone, in this case, melatonin which is associated with sleep. Much wisdom about God and the third eye has been hidden but can be found even in the Bible. The third eye is considered the seat of the soul and where we connect with God.

Matthew 6:22 The light of the body is the eye: If therefore your eye be single, your whole body shall be full of light.

location of the pineal gland in the human brain

This powerful spark of God is our connecting link between the physical world and the spiritual world The pineal gland is associated with an inner knowing, intuition, wisdom, truth, and is our source of joy and infinite bliss – permanently. It is shaped like a pine cone and located in the midline of the brain attached to the posterior end of the roof of the third ventricle.

Scientists thought that the pineal gland was a vestigial organ like the appendix and served no use until the 1960’s.  For those who have experienced a third eye opening, we know this is false.

The pineal gland is located in the center of the brain and is about the size of a grain of rice. Light is what this gland needs to open. Which is one of the many reasons I keep hitting everyone over the head with the fact that we must get outside in the sunlight. The sun has a powerful effect on the pineal gland.

When you think about it, look at how so many people avoid walking outside for fear of skin cancer, yet we need Vitamin D to survive prevent Alzheimer’s, cancer, Multiple Sclerosis and depression.

Eye of Ra, or Eye of Horus & the human brain 

Looking at this image to the right, you can see how similar the Egyptian depiction of the Eye of Ra (Ra being the name of God) is so close to the way the pineal gland is set in the human brain. The symbology illuminates their knowledge of the power of the third eye.

Within the Bible are other references of “The face of God is within you.” Genesis 32:22-31

We need plenty of sleep, light and a focus on the center of our forehead to open this gland. Meditation with a focus on the third eye will help to open the third eye as well. We need complete darkness at night rather than sleeping with night lights on. Avoid chemicals like sodium fluoride (which is a poison known for calcifying the third eye. Also avoid GMO foods, sugar, fast food, soda, alcohol, and processed foods to assist with the opening of this amazing gland.

The EgyptiansRomans and the Greeks were well aware of the purpose of the third eye and its power. 

Green pine cone symbolic of how the Church wants us to stay

Though the Catholic church has known of its use for a very long time, the Vatican has hidden images and replicas of the pineal gland in plain site. In fact, if you look you will find the pine cone, the symbol of the third eye hidden in plain site around the world. 

Why would churches keep a significant way for each individual to connect with God hidden for thousands of years?

When your third eye begins to open, you begin to see how masses of humanity has been kept in the dark with fluoride use that has been proven not to prevent cavities at all. 

The symbolic pineal gland in the pine cone 
Remember there is much false information out on the Internet that attempts to keep you asleep as we are much easier to control when we believe everything we see in newspapers, the media, and the Internet. People that are in fear are controllable. People that don’t have a personal relationship with God aren’t as powerful or wise.

Signs Your Third Eye Is Opening:

  1. You have an inner knowing.
  2. A feeling of joyousness for no reason begins to bubble up.
  3. Synchronistic events happen.
  4. You experience meaningful coincidences.
  5. You may hear something on the news and know what you are hearing isn’t true. (i.e. Princess Diana’s death, 911, election issues). You begin to see behind the curtain of misinformation.
  6. Your dreams become vivid and prophetic.
  7. Synchronistic events happen for you showing you that your life is orchestrated for you.
  8. You begin to meet spiritual teachers in your dreams.
  9. You may meet with those on the other side while you sleep.
  10. You hear things that are not spoken.
  11. You are kind to all animals, wild and tame. You don’t want to hurt, harm or kill any living thing.
  12. You begin to rethink being an omnivore.
  13. You receive Guidance that protects and directs you.
  14. You have an inner knowing that you must visit a certain place, or take a certain route somewhere.
  15. Your senses are heightened.
  16. You see things that aren’t there. (Clairvoyance)
  17. You begin to think more deeply about life and why you are here.
  18. You begin to recognize that all is not what it seems
  19. You feel what others are feeling (empathy).
  20. You sense what others are thinking.
  21. You have a sense of foreboding before something occurs.
  22. You perceive inaudible frequencies. (Clairaudience)
  23. You smell things that aren’t there. (Clairsentience)
  24. You taste things that aren’t there. (Clairgustance)
  25. You feel connected to everyone.
  26. You have no sense of race, color or creed. (Oneness)
  27. You have become more health conscious, watching what you eat, drink and breathe.
  28. You no longer see things in black and white. 
  29. You are aware of the Illuminati being real. 
  30. You feel you need to do something about what is happening on the earth.
Each of us can connect personally with God. When we meditate, are out in nature we can connect with God. When our third eye opens, we know the truth. We can hear lies in the media and the world. We are not as easily controlled when we don’t believe everything we are told. 

Read The Autobiography of A Yogi and find out what secrets have been suppressed from the world. Wake up! It’s time to see the truth. All is not what it seems on this planet. Remember each of us has the truth inside of us. We are all part of God, our personal power and connection are within our third eye. 

How To Create A Childlike Wonder Everyday

How to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland is next.

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