Vince Vaughn’s Mother Interviews Jennifer Masters on WBTVN

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Everyone has a story. In this interview, I tell a little of my story to explain how I went from being depressed, anxious, miserable and unhappy with challenges in all my relationships to be happy with me and loving my life.

When our parents have challenges in their marriage they model what love is for us. When we aren’t loved, aren’t heard, abused or the victim of childhood abuse we tend to recreate these patterns in our adult relationships. We are triggered by others because we have programs and reactivity from past traumatic events. Until we recognize and clear our patterns, come to a place of loving acceptance of ourselves as we are we can’t have a healthy balanced and happy life or relationship. 

Happy Here, Happy Anywhere

God is an integral part of my life and world. I used my guidance to heal myself and now turn my gifts over to others.  God guides me using nature to give me signs and messages in my outer world. A huge part of my joy comes from my deep connection to The Divine within and outside of me and in my world. 

Jennifer’s gift is helping people find love. Whether it is self-love, the love of your life, or love within your current relationship or marriage. Jennifer helps you see your relationship through different eyes, without judgment, control, and resentment. If you want to heal your marriage or relationship, Jennifer will help you do it! Not only does she have the tools and ability, but she also has the wisdom of living, learning and loving over forty years of service on this planet.

Join me January 25th for From Tainted To True Love, a phenomenal six-week live transformational program that will open you to feel more beautiful, sexy, and lovable. You will receive a powerful life-changing hypnotherapy session that quickly attracts love to you. You will become laser focused with great clarity of where you have gone wrong in the past so you won’t repeat the same behavior. You will discover what you truly want, and you might be very surprised at what these details are. 

Jennifer has manifested miracles of love for others and she knows how to manifest love for you. You are lead through a very powerful, directed manifestation that gets you laser focused on what you want so that The Universe can bring him or her right to you! 

I won’t be facilitating this program again in 2017. Get the Early Bird Sign up pricing till December 31st, pay in full and receive a $225 session free and a copy of Orgasm For Life a book that will help you understand yourself and the opposite sex better than you ever have before.

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