3 Ways To Prevent Mercury Retrograde From Ruining Christmas

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Monday, December 19 marks the beginning of the final Mercury Retrograde of 2016. We will all breathe a sigh of relief when this year ends, but even more so because we will be ending this last year of the 9-year cycle reviewing, reviving, renewing and reorganizing with the energy of a Mercury Retrograde. 

For those of you that know the drill, you can skip to another one of my blog articles and read about sex or love instead. The three ways to prevent Mercury Retrograde from ruining Christmas are:

1) don’t do anything on the don’t list. 
2) do anything frequently on the do list
3) make sure you don’t forget what is on the don’t list!

Here are my do’s and don’ts to navigate the Mercury Retrograde with ease and grace:

Ignore The Don’t List At Your Own Risk
  1. Don’t buy luxury items or expensive items after December 19th as you won’t be happy with them when Mercury turns direct on January 8th.
  2. Don’t wait until the last minute to buy presents for your family and loved ones as if you shop after December 19th they won’t like what you bought and you will also feel disappointed.
  3. If you meet Mr. or Ms. Right at your office or neighborhood Christmas party; don’t buy wedding invitations just yet, as it won’t last.
  4. Don’t get engaged this Christmas either as your engagement won’t last.
  5. Don’t get married until after January 8th, or your marriage won’t last and you will feel regret.
  6. Don’t travel to new places during a Mercury Retrograde if you can help it as you could experience any of the following: lost luggage, missed or canceled flights, missed connections, you might not like the destination you chose or the people you meet there.
  7. Don’t get your hair cut or do anything drastic with surgery or color during a Mercury Retrograde.
Do More of This For A Successful and Merry Christmas

  1. Complete your shopping prior to December 19th, doing so will ensure the happiest of gift giving and receiving.
  2. Relax during this Mercury Retrograde.
  3. Renew your energy.
  4. Refresh your car.
  5. Reorganize your office.
  6. Redo your plan for 2017.
  7. Reorganize anything.
  8. Recover from the holiday shopping that you did early.
  9. Rekindle a romance from the past. Interestingly, you can meet up with someone you once knew and things could work out, but not with someone you never knew.
  10. Repair your marriage or relationship.
I wish you all the happiest of Mercury Retrogrades and Christmas and enjoy reuniting with loved ones, that is exactly what I am doing when I re-turn to Colorado to re-visit my daughter and sons, giving the gifts that I bought before the retrograde began.

Much Love,

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