More Gratitude For Your Partner Leads to More and Better Sex

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Yesterday, I announced a 28-day challenge with the encouragement of prizes, to be more grateful for the good in our lives. I am doing this challenge with you. In fact, let’s see how much good we can manifest as a collective. Today is the day I write a post about sex, so sex and gratitude it is!

Do you complain about not having enough? Not enough love, not enough sex, not enough cuddling, not enough touch. I am here to tell you that complaining isn’t the way to get more of what you want. In fact, if you complain about not getting or having enough sex, affection or touch you can be sure that you will push any opportunities to have that yummy deliciousness you long for anytime soon.

Nagging about not getting what you want doesn’t help. Think about it this way, when you last had sex were you grateful? Did you tell your partner how wonderful they were? Or did you roll over and drool over your pillow before the lights were out? 

Join me in this 28-day challenge to get more! Yes, that includes sex. Find ways to encourage, romance, engage in conversation about what it is you want, rather than complaining. Be grateful for what you have to receive more of what you want. Feel grateful rather than resentful. Say thank you often and with feeling. Count your blessings today with the feeling of gratitude. 

I want to hear from you. This next 28-days is for you to experiment. Instead of doing the same old routine, try something different. Be complementary of your partner. Tell her or him how beautiful they are, how wonderful they smell and feel. Thank them for being who they are and with you. Express your gratitude for the meals they prepare, packing your lunch or making the bed. See what unfolds. 

Encouraging words reap more benefits than complaints. When we aren’t in gratitude we are in lack. What you have can be taken away. 

The Magic Formula: From Rhonda Byrne’s book The Magic

  1. Deliberately think and say the magic words, thank you.
  2. The more deliberately you say and think the magic words thank you, the more gratitude you feel.
  3. The more gratitude you deliberately think and feel the more abundance you receive.
Gratitude is a feeling. The goal is to practice gratitude so that you FEEL it as much as you can.

Sir Isaac Newton’s law is a one for one, what you give you receive. For every equal action, there is an equal reaction. That means if you increase your feeling of gratitude your abundance increases to equal that feeling.

See my blog from yesterday about the details. I have prizes for the best stories of change and transformation that you share. You can send me an e-mail or join the happy conversation on Face Book

There are prizes involved. Here are the details:

Our belief is what propels our success. Gratitude for what we experience is what keeps it coming. We have plenty to be grateful for that most people take for granted:

  • money
  • our paychecks
  • our clients
  • our health
  • our home
  • a roof over our head – home
  • food on our plates
  • being alive another day
  • breathing
  • our children
  • our children’s health
  • our pets
  • our pet’s health
  • success
  • love
  • relationships
  • family
When we complain about our circumstances, not having money and not having love or sex we push our good away from us. When we complain about our partner we aren’t being grateful.  When we don’t give our all then complain, our attitude takes a nose dive. When our attitude sucks, we can become like the Tasmanian Devil and wreak havoc everywhere we go which could cause us to lose our job our marriage, our children our cars even our money. 

We have to turn our attention away from the circumstances of life and begin to say thank you for the money on its way to us, the love on its way to us, our vibrant health, our life, our ability to walk, move, see, touch, hug and love another. 
Affairs happen when we aren’t grateful

When we complain about our car, we have car trouble. When we complain about not having money, we have money troubles. When we complain about our spouse or partner, our relationship is in trouble. When was the last time you shared a wonderful story about your husband, wife, lover or best friend? Are you in the habit of sharing stories of woe instead? 

When we aren’t grateful for our health, we get sick. 

Praise your partner, children and loved ones. Instead be grateful for each blessing you have in your life beginning with your health. Say thank you for your health, being alive, having clients, a job, a paycheck, money in the bank, the ability to pay your bills, rent, mortgage.

Manifesting Miraculous Moments

Part I
Gratitude is the key to everything good in your life
My challenge to you over the next 28-days is to write down the things you are grateful for right before you go to bed. Count your blessings each day. Name each one and why you feel grateful for it. Feel the energy of gratitude. The more you can feel grateful the more powerful the changes that occur. After counting all your blessings add 10 more to amplify the results and then say, “Thank you, Thank you Thank you!”

Don’t skip a day as you will delay the good coming to you. If you must skip a day, go back three days and begin again. Skipping a day will slow the process and momentum you are building. You can do anything for 28-days. 28-days is enough to change your life, create a baby, make money from unseen sources, find more joy, happiness, success and bring more good to you. 

Part II

Rhonda Byrne writes about a magic rock that you hold right before you fall asleep and say what the best thing was that happened each day while holding the rock. Set the rock down beside you on your bedside table. Each night before falling asleep holding the rock and say out loud what you are most grateful for today. This rock begins to vibrate with gratitude as you just look at it. Rocks are living things and emanate a vibration. 

Today is January 3rd. 28-days takes us all the way to January 30. I will announce the winners on January 31st.

I invite you to share your stories of success, challenges and whatever you begin to notice as you change this one habit which brings more good into all areas of your life. Send me an e-mail to keep me updated. If you wish to have your success or insight shared on my blog, say so, and I will gladly share your insight and magnificence with my readers. Join the discussion on FaceBook and receive encouragement and support for your effort!

I am doing this with you and began writing my list of gratitude last night. My son’s girlfriend, Mel gave me a small amethyst rock for Christmas that I am keeping by my bedside table. You can use any rock that is small enough to hold in your hand. 

Over the next 28-days, I will tell you personal stories of complaining – versus gratitude and what the derisive negativity of complaining does in each area of our lives. I’ll also share our reader’s insights about gratitude and stories as they come in. What have you got to lose? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! 

First Prize:  FREE ENTRY, a $247.00 value into my From Tainted To True Love live webinar. This 6-week (six hours of live coaching) a powerfully transformational course begins on February 1st. (I changed the start date for this contest)

Second Prize: An autographed paperback copy of ORGASM FOR LIFE. This book will be mailed to you after the challenge is over.

Third Prize: A copy of Rhonda Byrne’s book, The Magic which will help you transform all areas of your life with the magic of gratitude.

How To Create Positive Change With Prayer Affirmations and Gratitude

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