Do You Complain and Wonder Why You Aren’t Happy?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

It is interesting that we are living in the 21st Century with the highest level of technology yet so many people are depressed and unhappy. If you wonder why you are so unhappy with your life, perhaps you are like my daughter. Maybe you are angry that things didn’t go the way you planned. Maybe just maybe you feel that your life sucks.

The following is a true story. 
Whether you want love, success or money, there is one big SECRET to having what you desire. 
It isn’t luck.
It isn’t being born with a silver spoon in your mouth.
The way to have everything you want is governed by


In my life, I have manifested houses, cars, love, marriage, and even a special baby girl when I was told I couldn’t have any more children. I have manifested places to stay for free in one of the most sought after vacation spots in the United States. I have manifested trips to Bali Indonesia out of thin air. Each year, my income has doubled, and I am grateful to my clients for all that they have given to me.

Gratitude is what keeps the energy flowing and the good on its way to you. JEM

If you complain about your spouse or partner, you will lose the love you have. Complaining about your spouse leads to divorce. For each one negative comment you make to your partner, it takes ten positive comments to make up for the negative. Instead, bless your spouse. Count the blessings you have and all their wonderful qualities.

Only when we have loving thoughts do we receive and feel love. JEM

If you complain, bitch, or moan about your job you will not give your all and might end up being fired, or being made redundant. 
If you complain about your home, you might lose that too.
Complaining is one of the most derisive things that we can do. Complaining illustrates a lack. Complaining brings more negative circumstances to you faster than anything. Complaining ruins luck. Complaining steals your magic.

Sure, it’s easy to complain. Each of us has plenty to complain about. When we complain though the lack that we are experiencing is GRATITUDE.

Without gratitude, we are missing the magic sauce. Gratitude is the one thing that will bring you love, when you have none. Gratitude will have a client or check show up when you need it most. Gratitude creates magic in all areas of our lives. 

Gratitude will turn your negativity into love. JEM

Ariel with her father, Rich
I’ll share a personal story with you to illustrate my point. If you have been following me for a while, you already know that my ex-husband died in 2012. Yes, I predicted his death and wasn’t the least bit happy when it happened. Since Rich left the planet, my daughter who is now twenty, has been experiencing a great deal of anger. She is outraged that her father died.

While she has been angry that her father died and angry that I said negative things about him before I woke up, I have been supporting her, helping her wherever I could. I paid phone bills, bought her clothes and paid rent when she didn’t have the money for it. I drove up to North Dakota to retrieve Rich’s belongings and drive his Ford F 150 pickup back for my daughter to have.

During the time, she drove her father’s truck, all she did was complain about how much it cost to fill the truck up and not being able to drive in the snow. She couldn’t afford to drive the truck was
her common refrain. Last year, while in Colorado, I manifested a car for her, exactly what she wanted. You guessed it, she complained about that car too.

She complained about not being able to drive in the snow. She needed snow tires. My comment here is that I drove for a year in Colorado weather without snow tires in my little Honda and made it through the winter just fine.

While I was visiting a client in Denver this past December, he gave me two snow tires as a Christmas gift and offered to install them on my car. I was very grateful to him for the lovely gift and asked if he wouldn’t mind giving them to my daughter instead. I had just purchased two all weather tires for my car and felt very comfortable with them.

Almost every time I spoke to Ariel she mentioned how her car really needed snow tires. I felt my daughter really needed them more than I did. He kindly allowed me to retrieve my daughter’s car and the following day he installed the snow tires on her Toyota. I felt sure Ariel would be pleased that she finally got what she wanted.

Within a week of receiving the tires, she got a flat. She called me looking for help on the side of the road nearly in hysterics. She didn’t know what to do as she was on her break from work. I was in Denver at the time, but too far to help her get to a tire store. She reminded me that this was her fourth flat tire in a year.

Our car is symbolic of our physical body. Tires are symbolic of our feet. She asked me why she has had so many flat tires. I remarked carefully that Source lets us know when we haven’t learned our lesson because we keep repeating it, kind of like in the movie with Bill Murray, Ground Hog Day.

The fact that Ariel had four flat tires was because she was being shown she was on the wrong path. She was either working in the wrong line of work, or in the wrong relationship. Her focus was not on gratitude for what she had, but rather stress and worry about what she didn’t have.

Where we walk is indicative of our journey. If we continue to walk in a direction that doesn’t support our soul’s journey, we will find all kinds of evidence; hence the four flat tires.

Ariel was given a truck for free that she complained about. I managed to get her a car – that she didn’t have to pay for and all she did was complain about it. My darling daughter wasn’t expressing gratitude for what she was given. She was complaining instead. Her
gifts were taken from her in some ways. The car wasn’t driveable. More money had to be spent to make it driveable. Even when she was given the very thing she asked for – SNOW TIRES, she complained. The gift was taken away – with a flat tire.

If you have a relationship and all you do is complain about him or her, your love will be taken away.

If you want a relationship and all you do is complain about not having one, you won’t find love.

If you complain about your job, clients or work you will find that you won’t give your all, to your work, your negative complaining attitude will cause more negative circumstances like flat tires and problems, your income will diminish or shrink or completely disappear because you aren’t grateful for what you have.

Everything that we have is a gift. Our health is a gift. Our life is a gift. If you complain about your body, your face, your weight you are not grateful for your life or health. Complaining about your body and health will decrease your vitality. People who are grateful live seven years longer than people who are not.

The SECRET SAUCE is Gratitude. 

If you want more money – be grateful for the money you do have.
If you want a better car, be grateful for the car you have.
If you want love – be grateful for the love that you have, or that is on it’s way to you.
I am a master at manifesting. I help people manifest love, success, and happiness. If you are ready to boost your confidence, success or find the love you know you so deserve, give me a call. I help you become happy with your life, your relationship and find gratitude to keep the good coming! I am your secret sauce for your amazing life. I can help you find it, and if you do what I suggest you will be able to keep that love and happiness and grow it till you are ready to leave this beautiful planet. 

How do I do it? I clear away all the beliefs that are standing in your way and lift you up so that you begin to feel that amazing expansive feeling that is your soul within you. I help clear the path for you to express your true amazing self and life’s purpose. Make 2017 your best year yet. Invite me into your life to help you have the love you so desire and the success that is available to you but keep eluding you.

Join me in my 28-day Gratitude Challenge and bring magic into all areas of your life. It isn’t too late to begin. It’s never too late!
I wish you the best year yet!
Much Love,

This video was sent to me by a dear client. I think you’ll enjoy it!

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