How To Navigate The Melee´ of Challenging And Hard To Take Situations

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.” ~Wayne Dyer

The more we try to change a situation, the more we suffer. The more we resist, fight and protest what is present in our world, the more we suffer. Change happens because it is needed. Chaos is always present in our world.

The Law of Chaos And The Universal Law of Order

The Law of Chaos and Order are simple. When we fight the flow of The Universe, we suffer and chaos ensues. When we embrace the ebb and flow of change order results. 

Situations happen. We can’t see the end-game because we are in the middle of the situation. We can only see what is occurring in the present. We might be in fear because of what we don’t know. Once we trust that all is well and in Divine Order, the fears fall away. Chaos and order work together for our good.

We might feel a penalty should be called, but we aren’t in control of others actions. For something new, different and of a better design to be birthed the old has to fall apart. Experiencing this feeling of change can cause us to feel uncertain or worried. 

Don’t Like The Way Things Are Going?

Maybe your partner divorced you. Perhaps your kids smoke pot. Maybe your mother won’t validate you. Maybe your boss is a bitch and treats you like crap. We might end up divorced and then have regrets that we didn’t try harder. The shadowy parts of humanity that have not been dealt with are playing out in our global events. If you are triggered by our current events, you have inner work to do.

An emotional reaction to events in our outer world is due to unfinished business within ourselves. If we feel triggered, or upset about something it is because there are parts of ourselves that need love, forgiveness, and release so that they can be healed. 

The Universe Supports You And All Life

The Universe was designed to support life and growth. If we don’t learn from the past the present and future will challenge us even more. Each event that occurs is another lesson for us to grow and evolve. Each time we resist, fight or joust at windmills we suffer. 

Change is inevitable. Suffering is optional. JEM


  1. The Universe isn’t out to get you. 
  2. The Universe doesn’t make mistakes.
  3. The more you resist, the more pain you experience.
  4. The more you try to control or change the outcome the more you suffer.
  5. Instead of being upset about others actions that you can’t control be in childlike wonder. “I wonder what he’ll do or say next?”

If you aren’t happy with what is going on in your outer world, check inside and see what work needs to be done to let go of control or fear. Under all the hoopla, protests and struggle is a Divine plan that will create needed change.

Soul First Aid

Your soul is a Divine expression of love, therefore, your soul is happiest when it is giving and receiving love and in gratitude. 

  1. Breathe deeply. Slowing your breath and breathing deeply will help you to release tension and stress, raise oxygen levels, help

    you overcome depression and help you get grounded.

  2. Get out in nature! Sit down on a rock, beach or the earth to ground yourself. If you can walk on the earth or grass barefoot. We are energetic beings. When we move into fear we tend to be out of our body therefore, ungrounded and scattered. Breathing will help you come back into your body, as will sitting or walking on the earth. Barefoot is best if you can. Touch your

    forehead to a tree trunk and ask the tree to take away your pain and suffering. You will be surprised how much better you feel after doing this simple exercise. Say “thank you,” to the tree!

  3. Quiet the debilitating mind chatter. Mental chatter can increase stress levels, anxiety, cause us to spin in a fearful spiral downward that can create panic attacks and depression. Quieting the mind chatter can be done by listening to one of my podcasts on my FREE APP
  4. Be in gratitude. Gratitude will help to raise your vibration and take you out of fear by writing down all your blessings. We create more positive flow into our lives when we are grateful for what we have currently. When we complain we block the flow and create more situations in our life that are negative. There are many powerful reasons to be grateful and write these blessings in a notebook. Writing is more powerful than thought. We can channel our higher self with a pen and paper and tap into our Divine connection.

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