Are You Looking To Deepen Intimacy Create Better Sex and A Happier Relationship?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I don’t know about you, but I get bored easily. I like to change things up and do things differently and in different places. I like adventure, travel, creativity and to have deep, meaningful conversations with my partner and lover. I also enjoy connecting sexually to enjoy mutual pleasure. 

Sorry you missed my event on Sunday, January 22nd,  A FREE talk with book signing in Venice California at 1:30 PM PST at the Mystic Journey Bookstore on 1624 Abbot Kinney Blvd. 

In preparation for this book signing, I re-read my book, Orgasm For Life. I was laughing my ass off reading my own book! It is a funny eye-opening and enlightening book for both men and women. 

Orgasm For Life will help you be a better lover, create deeper intimacy and help you communicate with your partner so that they hear you. Orgasm For Life is a light-hearted and enlightened look at men and women that deepen understanding of your partner. OFL is authentic yet compassionate. 

Sexual desire is as natural as our thirst for water. Sex helps keep us young, connected to our partner and helps men become more intimate. 

If you are looking for a no-holds-barred instructional and informative book, written with riotous humor, this is it. It is full of wisdom, understanding, and wit to keep you reading, turned on and excited to try the suggestions.

What is great about this book is that not only do I understand how women work, because I am one, but I also have a deep understanding of what men want and need and I share it with you. My candid, honest style draws you into my personal bedroom where I share forty years of insights, passion, and experimentation.

Sexual dysfunction is my passion. Why? Because I have experienced it for myself and is what motivated me to write this book.

Some Of What Is Explored In Orgasm For Life
  1. The truth about Viagara and other meds.
  2. The Different Operating Systems of Men and Women.
  3. What motivates men.
  4. What motivates women.
  5. What Tantra does to change love-making for the better.
  6. How to use Tantra in your relationship.
  7. How sex works as the glue to keep a couple connected.
  8. How to ask lovingly for what you need rather than be a Drill Sergeant In The Bedroom.
  9. What happens when you reject sex and love.
  10. What it feels like to be rejected.
  11. How being right destroys intimacy.
  12. The best use of an apology.
  13. The dark side of make-up sex.
  14. How to create a deeper connection with your heart.
  15. What orgasmic bliss is.
  16. How to laugh at yourself.
  17. How to heal sexual dysfunction in a woman. 
  18. How to heal HTP (hair trigger penis)
  19. How to have more fun with sex and your relationship.
  20. How to change things up to create more passion.
  21. How to make love to a woman.
  22. How to make love to a man.
  23. How to perform oral sex with passion and give your partner the best they have ever had!
  24. How to communicate with a man.
  25. How to communicate with a woman.
  26. How to be heard. 
  27. How to ask for what you want in bed without destroying your man’s ego.
  28. How to enjoy each other more.
  29. How to stay together in love and happy.
  30. How to bring the sacredness you desire into the bedroom.
  31. How to find and stimulate the g-spot.
  32. How to find and stimulate the man’s g-spot. 
  33. How to overcome erectile dysfunction.
  34. Eradication of boredom in the bedroom.
  35. The stages of arousal, orgasm, and completion of the sex act.
  36. What pisses your partner off and how to avoid it.
  37. What it feels like to be a man.
  38. Women hidden buried and covered up.
  39. Are women just complex, or crazy?
  40. A deeper understanding of your partner and hundreds of ways to improve your communication, sex life, and relationship.
  41. Teenage sex. What teenagers think sex is and isn’t and when they start having sex on school buses.
  42. Teenagers and porn. 
  43. Why do 80% of women fake orgasm?
  44. 9 Magic Steps To Orgasm.
  45. The Effects of porn on a relationship, teens and a man.
  46. How to hold off an impending orgasm.
  47. Semen Retention.
  48. What is the truth about foreplay and is it really necessary?
  49. How to avoid tearing the tender parts.
  50. Sex to prolong life.
  51. Sex As Medicine.
  52. Stress relief.
  53. How sex boosts the immune system?
  54. The power of trust.
  55. Monogamy.
  56. Affairs and Other Achilles’ Heel.
  57. Erotica and how it can be used.
  58. Healing Tantra Style.
  59. Why Most Women Never Have A G-spot orgasm.
  60. The Importance of Eye Contact.
  61. Female Ejaculation.
  62. 11 Types of Orgasm For Women.
  63. Depression Linked To Porn.
  64. STDs.
  65. Penis size.
  66. Prostate Stimulation.
  67. Aging With Ease.
  68. Falling Out of Love
  69. Anger and Attachment
  70. Talking Dirty
  71. The Best Sex In Your 60’s and 70’s
  72. How To Increase Passion In a Failing Relationship.

What Orgasm Isn’t

It isn’t a photo display of body parts. Orgasm For Life does, however, teach, instruct and explain how things work. Orgasm For Life will walk you through the act of stimulating a woman and man in the ways they prefer. Orgasm For Life will open your eyes to what you have been missing and overlooked in your relationship because you couldn’t understand it before. Orgasm For Life will give you deeper understanding and compassion for your partner and help you connect with greater intimacy and passion.

Orgasm For Life will help you get beyond frustration, anger, and resentment about the opposite sex.

Orgasm For Life will change your relationship and your sex life because I teach you how to do all the things you have been wondering about. I take the guess-work out of oral. I help you understand why you have ejaculated too soon all your life and why this will never change until you get help. I also help women who haven’t had the pleasure of an orgasm find out why and walk them through the healing process. 

I look forward to seeing you at 1:30 at Mystic Journey Bookstore!

Much Love and Passion,
Jennifer Elizabeth

Enjoy this reading from my chapter Sex As Medicine

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