5 Powerful Ways To Increase Longevity And Have Better Orgasms

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Sex is a powerful way to ignite the fire inside each of us, expand our energy and bring us closer to enlightenment. Sex draws us closer to our partners creating better focus, mental clarity, relieving depression improves our health, longevity and relieves stress. If you aren’t having sex you need to be. Sex is a natural component of being human.

When sex is dull or void of pleasure we lose interest. When women don’t reach an orgasm, they stop wanting to engage. When couples aren’t having sex, they stop touching each other and become more negative, critical and irritated with one another. 

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Men’s and women’s needs differ tremendously. Often we make love to our partners the way we want to be made love to, rather than telling our partner what it is we want. Men and women are naturally wired differently. We communicate differently and we certainly have different needs when it comes to sex.

Sometimes we take our partners for granted, which is never good, gratitude can bring us back to appreciation and feeling loving again. 

1. Talk about sex more often. Express what you prefer and compliment your partner on what they do well before asking for something different or a change in technique.

2. Open your mouth and keep breathing during sex. Deep breathing will expand your orgasm allowing you to last longer. 

3. Move your hips. Sexual energy needs to move. If we keep our hips locked the energy stays in our genitals rather than moving upwards. Kundalini is a rising energy that begins in the root chakra or perineum between the anus and vaginal opening.

4. Meditate prior to sex. Meditation will help you get into synch with your partner. When we are in synch we move as one, becoming one. Sex is much better when we become ONE. 

5. Synchronize your breathing with your partner. Another way to expand the sexual experience and increase pleasure is to breathe in synch with your partner. Spend a few minutes holding each other close. Breathe together. Inhale together. Exhale together. Watch how synchronized breathing expands your pleasure and connects you more deeply.

Sex is the most intimate we can be with one another, yet so little is discussed on this very delicate subject, even in long-term married couples. Sex helps to open our pineal gland or third eye

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