5 Powerful Reasons Not To Have Sex With Everyone Who Wants You

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

A large portion of the world has low self-esteem. When we don’t feel good about ourselves, we can give ourselves away to others carelessly because we don’t love ourselves. I know all too well how easy it is to be promiscuous when we have been molested in childhood or mistreated by a partner. I have good news for everyone out there. Anything is subject to change. 

For over thirty years I have worked diligently on myself, healing my emotional, physical and spiritual self. In the process, I have come to know myself very well, something that I didn’t do before I became happy with me. I used to feel broken, now I feel completely whole, with healthy boundaries, respect and strong faith in me. 

I haven’t stopped growing, clearing myself or learning, in fact, I am in the process of reading six books simultaneously and assimilating this information for you. As I grow in consciousness, wisdom, and knowledge, I can be better able to help you heal yourself and life faster. 

For those of you interested in what I am doing for you, me and the world, sign up for my newsletter as I only share with my inner circle the deepest and most intimate secrets of my life. Believe me what is happening right now, is something you want to be a part of. I have discovered exactly how all the moving parts work together to create the life we love and the love that shifts us to be better than we ever thought possible. 

Sex is a part of our human experience. Whether we have sex for one, or as a couple it is completely natural and nothing to feel guilt, shame or regret over if you follow these guidelines. When we feel these low vibrational emotions we can’t manifest sh*t!

5 Reasons Not To Have Sex 

Let’s just say you are kissing someone you have just met while on a date. Wonderful! Experience it fully. Check in with yourself. Is this someone you would regret having sex with? If the answer is yes, just say no. Our inner guidance system is nothing to be trifled with. Trust what you feel. The more you trust yourself, the better you will feel about your decisions. 

Here are the 5 reasons why not to engage in the horizontal mambo:

1. It feels yucky. If you feel bad, the sex will be bad. You will have regret later. Whatever it is, their smell, the way they kiss, the timing, trust your instinct.

2. They are pushing for something you don’t feel works for you. Maybe things are going along well, then all of a sudden there is a change in activity. If he shoves your head into your crotch and you don’t like it say so. You’ll be surprised how much respect you will get when you say “I don’t like it when you do that!”

3. You aren’t ready. There are many reasons to not feel ready for sex. It could be the wrong time of the month, it could be it is just too soon, it could be you don’t feel your best. Whatever the reason don’t do it. Pushing a bad move will leave you feeling regret. Regret is a terrible thing! Standing up for what you feel is right for you is empowering. Having sex when you really aren’t up for it is disempowering. Choose wisely.

4. You value yourself. Maybe your date thinks you are really hot, but you don’t have the same feelings about them. Maybe the situation is uncomfortable due to a lack of privacy. The first time you have sex with someone you want it to feel good, not bad. If your gut is trembling with fear, trepidation or distaste, stop. Tell them you aren’t ready. Maybe tell them you will never be ready for them, but be kind. 

5. You respect yourself and it doesn’t feel right. Self-respect is a tenuous thing. When we don’t trust ourselves and do something anyway, we are not respecting us. Respect is one of the cornerstones of a healthy, loving relationship, starting on the wrong foot will make the whole thing just wrong. My book Orgasm For Life will help you discover yourself, and your partner in a new and loving way.

You have value. You deserve to be loved. You are worthy. You are loveable. Now turn this around and say these things to yourself over and over until you believe them. 

I deserve it!
I have value
I am worthy
I am enough
Using mantras in the background of your mind when your mind is in neutral works best: while you are showering, shaving, putting on makeup, driving, walking, right before sleep and upon waking will slip past the gatekeeper of your unconscious mind.

Now go forth and date! Go to meetups, but get yourself out there. You won’t find a partner sitting at home on the couch stuffing yourself with ice cream and Cheetos. 

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