FREE AUDIO GIFT: How To Overcome Fear Rejection Hatred By Returning to Love

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

When we look for love outside of ourselves, we will be hurt, disappointed, rejected and feel unloved. Only when we find the love within and experience loving thoughts will we overcome hatred, addictions, rejection, fear and the need to control.

No matter what is going on in the world focusing on it and hating what is happening isn’t helpful or healing, in fact, it will hurt you and most likely cause cancer or even death. Only when we focus on loving do we overcome fear. Only when we have loving thoughts of ourselves and others do we feel loved. 
The search for love isn’t outside. Love is found within. Love conquers all because it is our true nature. When we completely love ourselves and have only loving thoughts do we have true peace inside. Inner peace within is the peace we long for. Do yourself a favor and stop focusing on what others are doing, saying and creating. Instead: 
Revel in your beauty and uniqueness

Be the love you wish to find.Gandhi

Love Meditation

My gift to you today is a little audio meditation with positive affirmations and mantras. Play it as often as you wish. Download it to your phone and play it daily. I love you! You deserve love. Have a beautiful day.


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