How We Create Serious Problems For Ourselves With Our Words

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I love words. I love to communicate. When someone does something nice for me, I send thank you notes, and e-mails telling the kind person who did something for me kudos and gratitude. Interestingly today, I received a negative note in reply to a thank you, but the highly evolved person didn’t recognize what she created with her response.

We say it all the time. We use words without thinking. For example:

                                               No problem!

No trouble!

It’s nothing!
Our unconscious mind doesn’t hear the “NO,” it only focuses on PROBLEM! Our unconscious mind doesn’t hear negative statements. Everything that we tell it is construed as truth. Which means if you say, No problem, the focus is on PROBLEM.
Instead, of having more problems in our lives, let’s be more careful and watch the negative words. Just to be clear, I have a list of them to raise your awareness. You already know this, I am only reminding you.

1. Why not? Replace with Of course!  Certainly, or sounds good

2. Can’t complain! Replace with I’m great! I am well. I am amazing! Life is great!

3. No problem! Replace with Certainly! For Sure! Definitely!

Our unconscious mind doesn’t recognize the negative bias and takes whatever we feed it as truth. We use these phrases daily without recognizing the power of the negative statements. We think we are positive and wonder why there are so many problems in our lives. We create with our words, make your words count. Think about what you are telling your unconscious mind. 

Life isn’t random, we create is daily with our thoughts and words. JEM

4. I’m exhausted! Replace with, “I need more sleep. I am taking care of myself with an early bedtime.”

5. I forgot. Replace with, I am setting a reminder for next time. The people around you will come to expect a better result from your positive response.

6. Stop screaming! Replace with, “Keep your voices quieter please.” 

7. Don’t spill your milk! Replace with, “Be careful with your milk.”

8. I’m sick and tired! Saying this phrase will create illness in your body for real! Replace with: “I would prefer _____. “

Each phrase to your unconscious mind is a positive statement. For example when we tell our children, “Don’t fall!” They hear as does their unconscious mind, FALL! When our kids are about to knock over a glass of milk and we say, “Don’t spill your milk!” Their unconscious mind hears, “SPILL YOUR MILK!”

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