Leo Full Moon On Steroids and Lunar Eclipse

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Lunar eclipse – India, 2.10.2017

A full moon can interrupt sleep patterns, affect emotions and births. An eclipse creates a much more powerful lunation with a more potent effect.

This particular eclipse with the Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Leo. This Aquarius – Leo axis pushes us to look closely at our lives to recognize our needs, wants and any lack in our lives. 

On Friday, February 10th, 2017 a Lunar eclipse occurs at 22 degrees of Leo, the master number of the builder. This moon is opposing the sun which shines its light on this beautiful full moon.

This Lunar Eclipse deals with a balance between the personal (Leo) versus the impersonal (Aquarius). Leo is an expressive, creative energy that boosts our ego, up leveling pleasure, romance, and creative expression. Yummy! The cool, calm Aquarius energy is more impersonal, ruling the group with the emphasis on friendship and objectivity. The full moon helps us to keep one foot on the ground rather than getting too caught up in romance due to the impersonal nature of Aquarius.

The Leo moon is intensely individual and proud think of the gorilla pounding his chest, not content being merely one of a team. The impersonal Aquarius Sun, though individualistic values their independence as well as the entire team. Can you feel the conflict rising? This beautiful moon emphasizes this conflict.
Leo is proud and strong

Leo delivers confidence, pride, strength, presence and passion. We will all feel a sense of power and expanded confidence under the influence of this beautiful aspect and the master number 22. This number could help you build something wonderful, passionate and fabulous. You could be inspired to build, paint, write or create something you feel passionate about. If you have a project that has been sitting on the backburner for ages, bring it out under this moon’s influence and set it ablaze!

This moon is about seeing yourself as a part of the whole. You may feel compelled to go out into the world to teach, learn and discover. You will have more confidence to be out in the world, perfect as this energy aligns with your goals.

Golden opportunities quite likely will be revealed through some type of crisis whether in the material world or within your consciousness. It is time to explore your emotional needs. Relationships can be challenged, strengthened or even broken rather dramatically during this Lunar Eclipse event energy.

Watch for epiphanies to bubble up

That feel right 

Be sure to write down anything inspiring as it may soon be forgotten.

As we become painfully aware of our lack, don’t be surprised if you feel charged due to this potent energy. Be aware of becoming overly dramatic.


Full moons and lunar eclipses show up at just the right time to bring fulfillment of issues in our lives. Emotions are heightened, and areas of your personal astrological chart are activated. Each person is different. Whatever is brewing inside of us will see dramatic turns and a clear opportunity to move forward.

A Lunar Eclipse is a fabulous time to look at our lives 

to see what needs to change

 and what we need to let go of.

You may be motivated to take action. 

Remember to be compassionate. 

Irritability can arise, with this bold, emotionally expressive loving Leo Moon. Others might make romantic advances or declarations, we can only hope! Those that are unaware may just simply be “eclipsed.” 

Watch the decisions you make as they could be quite emotionally driven. The tendency to make snap decisions might be met with some flashback. This bright full moon can bring illumination in other areas of our lives as well. It is time to express our truth and let the cat out of the bag! Be as compassionate as you can, remember everyone’s emotions are impacted, not just ours.

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