Why We Need To Say I Love You Now More Than Ever

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

No matter where we live, whether within the United States, Canada, The Netherlands, France, the UK, Belgium, South Africa, India or Canada, the uncertainty of the safety of our world is in question. 

Whether you loved Trump or hated him, most of us are impacted by the news or concerns for our future. The following is Divine Guidance to help you navigate the coming days, weeks and months.

We are here at this time for a reason. We signed up to be present during the world’s most tumultuous and changing times. The government of The United States is crumbling, and that can be a scary thing. The systems that aren’t working for us any longer cannot stand with the rising vibration of our earth and universe. 

In a time when people are rising and Ascending, lies, double standards, racism, hatred, misogyny, abuse, corruption, fascism, are all being witnessed by those in the highest places of power. The shadow parts of humanity are rising to the surface like cream in a bucket of milk. All of us are being pressed, prodded and squeezed to heal our inner darkness, love more deeply, and to rise above the melee.´ 

Does It Really Need To Be Said?

Now more than ever we need to give love to ourselves and others. Rather than beating ourselves up for misjudging or not rising to the occasion; congratulate yourself. Rather than being upset with yourself for missing a deadline, recognize that you didn’t have all the information and new opportunities are presenting themselves to you now. 

Praise yourself for completing a task. Praise and congratulate yourself for sitting still and tapping into your higher wisdom by being silent. 

Find the joy of being alive during our world’s most amazing time. 

We can’t stop the change that’s coming any more than we can stop the ocean’s tides. The view might be ugly at times. Instead of focusing on what Trump is doing that is “wrong,” find the humor in the irony. Instead of being righteous or angry at Trump’s lashing out on Twitter find the humor in the fact that our president is even tweeting!

Give love to you. Tell yourself how wonderful you are. Say, “I love you” to yourself often. Tell your loved ones you love them.

Daily Practices To Calm The Mind

1. Meditate daily. Sit upright turning your eyeballs up toward the ceiling for a few minutes to quiet the mind. Close your eyes with your eyeballs turned upward. Relax your shoulders. Don’t worry about the thoughts. Focusing on the errant thoughts only makes them stronger. Allow them to pass through your mind. Use a mantra to focus your mind.

Bring your focus to your heart. Most people begin to meditate from their minds which can be problematic due to the mind chatter. We want to get into our heart center. There are several ways to get into your heart. You can begin noticing your feet and the energy in your feet. Slowly focus on your ankles and their energy of aliveness. Move up to your calves, noticing the energy there. Move upward into your thighs, then abdomen and fall backward into your heart chakras in the center of your chest. Meditating from your heart will connect you to your High Self and your Divine. Gradually, you will find it progressively easier to get into your heart with greater speed. Speed isn’t the focus, however. Be patient with yourself. It will get so much easier the more you practice. 

I coached a delightful spiritual woman from India who said she couldn’t meditate. Within three months her mind was completely quiet of all mind chatter!

2. Use mantras daily. Mantras are a positive statement, similar to an affirmation that changes brain waves from incongruent to congruent. Brain waves become smooth, elongated, relaxing not only our mind but also creating a positive vibration within our body.

Mantras can be used out loud or in the quiet background of your mind. Using a mantra will shift worrisome thoughts because you are giving your mind something to do. Mantras slip beyond our conscious mind into our unconscious mind where they de-stress and calm.

I am worthy
I am deserving
I am loveable
I am loved
I love me

3. Combine meditation and a mantra with nature by walking outside. Nature soothes our soul. Walking outside and just saying “Thank you, thank you, thank you” with each step could be your Sunday walk in nature. Use a simple mantra while walking, “I love me.” Give love to you in this beautiful way as often as possible. 

I love you,
Now go and love you!


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