Feeling Contrarian This Valentine’s Day? You Are Not Alone

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like being told what to do. I don’t like being told what day I should love my mother, my kids, their grandparents or my lover. I prefer to show love every day of the year. If you must celebrate Valentine’s Day because of the pressure of society to do so, then here are my off the wall suggestions.

Valentine’s Day is the day that men and women are under pressure to perform, feel love and buy products to show just how much. It is the day when men and women pay exorbitant prices to eat in an overcrowded restaurant squeezed tightly next to strangers where they are party to other’s conversations. Romance and intimacy are not found in a crowded over-priced restaurant.
May I suggest some interesting alternatives:

1. Turn the heat up in the kitchen.
If one of you normally cooks, change it up and cook for your partner. Or enjoy cooking together. A healthy meal prepared at home can be a sexy way to begin your evening together. Get creative. Make a simple but sexy meal that you can enjoy without breaking the bank. Valentine’s Day is about sharing love, not seeing how much money you can spend. If you have children put them to bed early or ask Grandma and Grandpa to watch them for the evening. Privacy creates a better environment for sex play and letting go.

2. Play games. I don’t recommend game-playing in relationships unless it involves a board or a box of questions. Honesty is the best policy, with some humor thrown in. Playing games together can get you laughing and laughter stirs up serotonin and will open your heart for love! Suggestions are dirty Scrabble (make up your own rules), Strip Monopoly, The Kama Sutra Game, Cards Against Humanity. You get the idea, just make a regular game into something sexy. The winner gets to receive first!~

3. Order take out and watch a romantic movie together. Chick flicks and sexy movies can heat up passion that is waning. Couples who have been together might need a little pick-me-up to rev up their engines a little higher.
4. Write a love letter of appreciation to your partner. Give your handmade letter to your Beloved after dinner. Appreciation goes a long way to creating a deeper intimacy and feeling of being loved. 
5. Make a homemade card. Home made art and handcrafted cards are a sweet way of putting your personal stamp on your gift rather than someone else’s words and artwork. Creativity is something that we all have when we are connected deeply inside ourselves.
6. Design a luscious sexy desert with fresh cut fruit. There is nothing more sensuous than juicy fresh strawberries and bite-sized pieces of navel orange or mandarine. Feed your partner slowly. Allow the taste to awaken each other’s senses. Desert can be served in the bedroom with candlelight. 
7. Take a moonlit walk together. Holding hands and walking outside under the moon can offer a change of pace and a chance to catch up on your day. Doing something different and unique will make your Valentine’s Day memorable.

8. Do something for your partner that you know they would love. If they have mentioned a special essential oil they would love, fill a bath tub with hot water and add a few drops of their favorite essential oil. Or fill the tub with rose petals and leave her to soak and luxuriate alone. 

9. Get creative! Chocolates, stuffed bears, and flowers are all nice but overdone. Use your imagination and be true to yourself. 

If you are just beginning to date Valentine’s gifts are off limits. Don’t put pressure on a brand new thing just because the calendar says, It’s VALENTINES DAY! In fact, if you don’t get a call from someone on Valentine’s Day, it isn’t a big deal. A brand new relationship shouldn’t be subjected to societal pressure, just because. Go off the rails and take yourself out instead. Your self-esteem isn’t dependent on another person calling or not on Valentine’s Day. You are special as you are, without anyone attached to you.

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