7 Powerful Tips To Bring Love To Your Bedroom

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Bachelor’s looking for a loving woman to marry and a delicious home-cooked meal or single women who would love to lean against a strong man on her couch at night watching Netflix can both benefit from Feng Shui. 


Dating can be a challenge. Feng Shui can be employed to attract a mate and give you better chances at the odds even while on a date. Feng Shui works for same-sex couples as well. No matter what kind of partnership you are searching for, Feng Shui will help you attract a new love or relationship.

Make It Hot!
1. Place a nightstand on either side of your bed.
2. Put a lamp on each bedside table. Leave the lamps dimly
    lit for three hours each night for 27 days in a row and turn
    them off at the same time and those lamps won’t be the  
    only thing that is turned on! Use the first two to attract a 
    partner fast!
3. Make room in your closet for a partner’s clothes.
4. Add scented candles essential oils like Ylang Ylang and
    objects that delight the senses and create a sensual 
5. Ensure your bed isn’t up against the wall. To attract a 
    partner, you want your bed to be welcoming so that both of
    you can easily get in on each side of the bed.
6. Know your Kua direction, wear your colors on a date and
    sit in your Kua direction while on a date to enhance and
    empower you. Katie Weber is an expert at Feng Shui and  
    has her own Kua Calculator.

7. Make sure you have a solid headboard, or your money and relationship will drain away. A solid headboard supports both money and love. Metal isn’t a supportive energy for most people. If you are a wood element or a water sign wood is what you need for support while you sleep. More Feng Shui Cures For Love and Romance.

For those of you who are still having difficulty, you need my Infinite Love course. This course eliminates the blocks that are keeping love from you unconsciously, like me. I found that I was fiercely independent. I had a block to having a man in my life. Maybe you need a personal session with me to clear your blocks? Before I recognized and cleared it my unconscious mantra was:
I don’t need a man! 
Feng Shui Symbols To Banish From Your Bedroom

  • Flowers in the bedroom are a no-no, neither silk nor real flowers at all, not on quilts, images or headboards. Flowers add a yang energy. If you are looking for a male flowers, compete with his energy. 
  • Water in the bedroom is like a cold shower for passion – though water is great for wealth, it isn’t in used in the bedroom
  • no shells, fish figurines as they represent water
  • ensure you have no singular images in your bedroom, images of one flower, one tree, one bird will keep relationships at bay
Know your best Kua colors:


Your Kua allows you to tap into your best success direction. Success in relationships, love, and business.

Kathryn Weber is A Feng Shui ConsultantAccording to Katie Weber’s Kua Calculator,  

If your love direction is….

North Wear blues or black

South Wear red, green or brown

East/SE Wear green, black or blue

West/NW Wear white, beige, yellow or purple

SW/NE Wear yellow, beige, orange, red, purple


Bachelors need to include feminine energy in their homes to attract a mate. If you are looking for a home-cooked meal or someone to warm your bed including feminine energy in your space will allow you to do just that. Include images of flowers in groups, magnolias, peonies or orchids which bring in family luck. Include images of women who look happy, pairs of objects like two vases two lamps, that a woman would find attractive and balances your masculine energy.


Adding bright colors that are appealing to men in your bedroom rather than pinks and pastel blues will add some masculine energy to your home. Add a little red, in a pillow sham for passion.
Looking to Draw In A Husband?
If you are looking for a special man in your life add symbols to your living room that men would like, horses or dragons work well. Remember that these symbols need to be kept out of the bedroom. Keep the southwest dimly lit and add images of a happy couple or man that you find attractive also in the southwest corner. Put away photos of your kids and keep only an image of the handsome man or happy couple visible.

Creating Sacred Space For Peace And Harmony 
Avoid too many dark colors as they can add too much yin or feminine energy and can cut you off from romance. Introduce bright colors and lights to brighten up your home.
When you go out wear red to emphasize your passionate side. Avoid the gorgeous little black dress in your closet. Red is far more attractive to men than black. Remember the song?

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