Increase Vitality Health and Sexual Vigor Through The 5 Tibetan Rites

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People come into our lives for all different reasons. When someone offers me a solution to living a long vital life, I embrace it willingly. I recently met a beautiful man who looked twenty years younger and more vibrant than his chronological age. He shared his daily practice with me.

The 5 Tibetan Rites is the fountain of youth for each of us. 

The 5 Rites are as much breathing exercises as they are physically strengthening.

This video shows Jennifer doing the 5 Tibetan Rites

Luang Phu Supha

Back in the 1920’s a Britsh Colonel searched for and found the Tibetan monks who taught him the 5 Sacred Tibetan Rites. One Tibetan monk in Thailand was the oldest man alive, at 115. His birth was recorded as 1896. Luang Phu Supha was the Abbot for the beautiful temple named after him in Thailand. 

The backstory behind these Rites is available through The Five Tibetan  It is very important to do these 5 Rites exactly as they are taught. Don’t make any changes to the routine. The Tibetan monks developed these exercises over centuries. If you see Tibetan monks you will notice they are fit and vigorous no matter their age.

Get Your 20-Year Old Metabolism Back
I began doing these exercises just over two weeks ago. I have already toned my body, tightened my skin, feel better, sleep more deeply, and have lost weight without doing anything different. I have to say, I feel lighter in more ways than just one!
The Tibetan monks say that these five exercises performed twice a day, as a morning and evening practice, open all the chakras, tone the body, balance the emotions, calm the mind and stimulate the glands of the endocrine system. What does this mean? If you don’t have a sex drive, you will. If you have a difficult time getting an erection, these exercises will help you with that too.

The Chakras

The 5 Tibetan Rites are five very simple exercises that balance all the chakras, stretch muscle groups and help you awaken. The speed of our chakras are the key to vibrant health. 

Negativity distorts the speed and shape of the chakras. The 5 Rites speed up the spinning of the chakras coordinate their spin so that they are in complete harmony, as well as distribute prana energy to the endocrine system and then all the organs and processes in the body.  These exercises are the key to vibrant health, rejuvenation and looking youthful.  
These exercises are to be done one after the other and the same number for each. As you develop strength and endurance you will increase the number going from 3 to 6, 9 and 12 till you reach 21 repetitions of each exercise. 
When I first began the exercises I was out in the desert spinning around, WHEEE! I did 21 spins easily. Whoa there Nellie! This isn’t the way the exercise is done. We must go from one to the next right after the first exercise if completed. 
We need to be in complete control of our bodies while performing each exercise. Only do the number you can safely and comfortably do. Currently, I am performing 12 repetitions of each exercise. 

If you are physically fit, begin by doing each exercise three times. If you are not in good physical health or fit, begin with one of each exercise. Start slow and work up to more repetitions very slowly. Don’t discount the effect on your body-mind and spirit. These exercises are powerful. Once you build up to 21, you may increase the speed, but never the number. Only do 21 repetitions of each. 

1. The spin. Center yourself, arms outstretched, palms downwards. Consider your movements while turning clockwise. Keep control of your body as you make each turn. Count from the place you begin.

2. Leg Raise. Lay on a yoga mat. Raise your straight legs to be perpendicular to your body. At the same time lift your head off the yoga mat turning your chin toward your chest. Breathe in as you lift your legs and out as you lower them tighten your anal sphincter as you breathe out. The breathing is as important as the exercise itself. Don’t hold your breath. 

Repeat the same number of each exercise as previous 3, 6, 9, 12 up to 21 repetitions.

Head roll and incorrect position of arms for leg raise.

3. Head Roll. Kneel on your mat, using good posture. Roll your head backward breathing inwards. As you roll your head forward and chin to your chest exhale completely. Roll your head backward supporting yourself by moving your hands from your thighs to your buttocks. 

4. Table. Beginning in a seated posture. Breathe in and create a table with your abdomen and chest flat and even. Breathe out as

you sit back down. This exercise is the most difficult for me and regulates the number of all other exercises I am able to do, as it is the most vigorous. My abdomen isn’t the strongest part of me, so I take my time with this exercise. I get stronger each time I perform the 5 Rites.

5. Inverted. Down dog into Chaturanga (Cobra pose) and back to down dog again. Repeat. Breathe in as you raise your hips to the inverted V. Breathe out as your head comes down. At the end of the 5th Rite lie on your stomach close your eyes and feel your body. 21 maximum repetitions of each Rite. Do the same amount for each Rite.

Follow the exercises in the YouTube video. Do only what you can do comfortably and perform these exercises daily. You will retain a youthful glow and feel happier as well. To your health and longevity! Let’s live to be 110! Visit Jennifer’s website. Or Send her a private e-mail


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