How Using Intuition Can Save Your Life

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

“Can I just say thank you so much for saving my life!” Michael H. Chicago Il


This morning I received an e-mail from a man named Michael. Michael was born in Guyana. Michael came to me over a year ago requesting a reading about his work at a pawn shop in Chicago. 

He asked me questions about whether he should keep working at the pawn shop where he was employed. I gave him information about his job, saying it was a good place for him to work, however….
I went on with the reading, “There was going to be a robbery. A man would come into the pawn shop with a gun. I told Michael not to attempt to take the gun from him. I went on to say no amount of money is worth losing your life over. “Please whatever you do, DO NOT, and I repeated DO NOT TRY TO TAKE HIS GUN AWAY, he will kill you.”

On Thursday, February 16th, 2017 it happened. A man in a hoodie armed with a gun came in to rob the pawn shop. Michael remembered what I said in the reading so long ago and instead of attempting to disarm the gunman as he wanted to, he let him go. Michael’s life was spared and the gunman got the cash. Michael’s full e-mail to me is below. 
Our intuition can save our lives. When we ignore Guidance we can end up in difficulties and challenges. My kids were in a terrible car accident a long time ago when I ignored my gut feeling before I was conscious and believed and trusted my Guidance.

Voices From Beyond

I have written in the past about the Guidance I receive and how it changes what I do and where I live. I was Guided to leave Georgia and move to Boulder, Colorado. I was Guided to move my truck and trailer when I had a landscape company in Georgia. When I returned from my weekend away, three 100-year-old oak trees had fallen in a terrible storm. One huge 100-foot limb lay right next to my truck and trailer, both were untouched, I might add. All my animals were safe as well, as one went through the roof! 

How To Communicate With Our Four-Legged Friends Easily
If you are interested in reading the write-up in the newspaper, here it is. Armed Robbery At Waukegan Pawn Shop.
I use my gifts in sessions with you, my clients. I have saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars and prevented them from making devastating decisions when they wanted to invest in businesses or do sell. I am not just an ordinary coach, I am an awake coach with incredible insight that can help you change your life for the better. Sign up for my newsletter where you receive first-hand Guidance, wisdom, and secrets. Questions for Jennifer? Send her a private e-mail. 

“My name is Michael ____, and I currently live in a suburb of Chicago called Beach Park, but I am originally from Georgetown Guyana a little country between Brazil and Venezuela. I was born on May 27th, 1971. I would like to know when you will offer another reading on fiver or other platforms.
Can I just say Thank you so much for saving my life? Without your advice, I would have probably reacted differently during a recent robbery at gunpoint on Thursday, February 16th at my local pawnshop. I am the manager there, and I was on the sales floor trying to sell a pair of speakers when a person came in with a gun and black hood. I immediately remembered your previous reading telling me its not worth it to try and take the gun from this person, so i didn’t. I believe another person may have been with him but did not enter the store. Thank you so much “

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