3 Daily Practices To Keep You Youthful, Sexy And Able To Get It On

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Whether you are young or old, we know one thing is for sure we will age. We don’t, however, have to become debilitated or decrepit. We can stay youthful, vibrant and sexually vital with a daily practice. Whether you are a man or a woman doing the following every day will keep you youthful, vibrant and your sex organs functioning as a much younger person.

Christie Brinkley looks fabulous, fit and still gorgeous at 63. She isn’t the only person in their sixties or older that still looks fabulous and youthful. Daily exercise, a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude will work wonders for all of us as we move into our Golden years.


1. Doing the 5 Tibetan Rites Daily
In the last month, I discovered something that has taken years off my face, body, and vitality. 

Seriously, in a matter of weeks, my face is firmer, the sagging skin on my jawline has tightened like it was in my thirties! Wrinkles have diminished and my eyesight has improved. My body is stronger, firmer and I feel mentally clear and calm. I have discovered the 5 Tibetan Rites. I began doing these five exercises twelve times for each, just over two weeks ago on a daily basis and have toned up my face, neck, thighs and my libido. Check out my video from yesterday on FaceBook. I am 62, not far from Christie’s age see for yourself.
The exercises only take about twenty minutes or less to perform. They clear, balance and get your chakras spinning and open. The speed of our chakras is what determines our health, vitality and how youthful we feel and look. Doing these exercises once a day is wonderful, twice a day is stellar! 
Each exercise does something different for the body-mind and endocrine system. 
What The Endocrine System Does
The endocrine system effects almost every cell in your body and is a collection of glands that regulate metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep and mood just for starters. 
The endocrine system is made up of the pituitary gland, thyroid gland, parathyroid glands, adrenal glands, pancreas, ovaries in females and testicles in males. Hormones are secreted from the endocrine system directly into the circulatory system. The Five Tibetan Rites allows all systems to work at their optimum level creating optimum health no matter how old we are!

2. Alkalize Your Body and hydrate! 
Most of us wake up and pour acidic beverages into our body like coffee, tea or soda. Our body needs to be alkaline to be disease and cancer free. Soda, sugar, too much meat or carbohydrates create acidity, yeast, inflammation in our body and create disease, sluggishness, and illness.

Drink clean pure water or better yet a glass of lemon water with fresh squeezed lemon first. Hydrate yourself well as soon as you wake up. Wait till you have eaten to put caffeine into your body. 
Spinach omelette
3. Eat A Healthy Balanced Diet with lots of organic fresh vegetables and fruits.Eat in moderation. Eggs are good for you and are packed with protein and other Fresh raw vegetables in a daily salad give you nutrients that cooked veggies don’t. Make your own salad dressing without added preservatives and sugar. I use lemon juice and a little Himalayan (pink salt) and that’s it. 

Let Food Be Thy Medicine
Walking is great exercise. Couple a daily walk with your Tibetan 5 Rites daily and watch yourself look and feel younger. You will have stronger erections (for men) and women will feel more confident and have the added benefit of a youthful softer and more flexible and youthful vagina. You won’t need to add any pills to “fix” your libido!
5 Tibetan Rites 

If you are physically fit, begin by doing each exercise three times. If you are not in good physical health or fit, begin with one of each exercise. Start slow and work up to more repetitions very slowly. Don’t discount the effect on your body-mind and spirit. These exercises are powerful. Once you build up to 21, you may increase the speed, but never the number. Only do 21 repetitions of each. 

1. The spin. Center yourself, arms outstretched, palms downwards. Consider your movements while turning clockwise. Keep control of your body as you make each turn. Count from the place you begin.

2. Leg Raise. Lay on a yoga mat. Raise your straight legs to be perpendicular to your body. At the same time lift your head off the yoga mat turning your chin toward your chest. Breathe in as you lift your legs and out as you lower them tighten your anal sphincter as you breathe out. The breathing is as important as the exercise itself. Don’t hold your breath. 

Repeat the same number of each exercise as previous 3, 6, 9, 12 up to 21 repetitions.

Head roll and incorrect position of arms for leg raise.

3. Head Roll. Kneel on your mat, using good posture. Roll your head backward breathing inwards. As you roll your head forward and chin to your chest exhale completely. Roll your head backward supporting yourself by moving your hands from your thighs to your buttocks. 

4. Table. Beginning in a seated posture. Breathe in and create a table with your abdomen and chest flat and even. Breathe out as

you sit back down. This exercise is the most difficult for me and regulates the number of all other exercises I am able to do, as it is the most vigorous. My abdomen isn’t the strongest part of me, so I take my time with this exercise. I get stronger each time I perform the 5 Rites.

5. Inverted. Down dog into Chaturanga (Cobra pose) and back to down dog again. Repeat. Breathe in as you raise your hips to the inverted V. Breathe out as your head comes down. At the end of the 5th Rite lie on your stomach close your eyes and feel your body. 21 maximum repetitions of each Rite. Do the same amount for each Rite.

Follow the exercises in the YouTube video. Do only what you can do comfortably and perform these exercises daily. You will retain a youthful glow and feel happier as well. To your health and longevity! Let’s live to be 110! Visit Jennifer’s website. Or Send her a private e-mail


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