Annular Solar Eclipse February 2017

By Guest Blogger Astrologer Cheney Hall

HAPPY NEW MOON – 8 DEGREES 12 MINUTES PISCES … ANNULAR SOLAR ECLIPSE … 2/26… 9:58 AM EST … an Annular Eclipse occurs when there is a narrow ring of the Sun visible beyond the dark mask of the Moon … this is the last New Moon of the current “astrological year” and a very powerful one at that … this is the last New Moon until May 25th that will not be embedded in either the Venus or Mercury retrograde which could potentially greatly hinder the benefit of making new starts and planting new seeds in our life for growth … the emotions will also be greatly they may be very enlightening … an excellent time for personal meditation … there is a lot of new “information” being channeled to us by the Universe that has the potential to help us grow personally and spiritually … solar eclipses in the first decan of Pisces can yield activities that can be produced psychically or spiritually and can be marked by some mystical quality … but once again the question becomes is this a powerful moon of new beginnings or major endings – well perhaps both in many cases !!!

heightened … pay particular attention to your dreams as

Solar eclipses are considered to be extra powerful New Moons, and they usually mark periods of major endings and major new beginnings – sometimes things are ripped away from us and other times we realize we must let go no matter how difficult the task … they usually set up the energies we will be working with over the next six months … but their effects can last for years as they usually run in 19-year cycles … there was a solar eclipse on February 26th, 1998 occurring at 7 degrees 55 minutes Pisces – anything come to mind that was important happening in your life back then ??? … what needs to be released and changed now ??? … as for the last 6 months, there was an annular solar eclipse on September 1, 2016, occurring at 9 degrees 21 minutes Virgo which was in opposition to this eclipse … is something closing off now in your life from that period ???
If you have any natal planets or angles – cusp of the 1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th houses – at 8-9 degrees of any sign in addition to Pisces, this eclipse will most likely trigger something involving that energy especially in the area of life that is ruled where the planet is being triggered …
Eclipses are known to bring about tension, energy shifts and crisis, but much needed change as well – if you know where this eclipse degree lies in your natal chart, you might get a clue as to where in your life this change, transformation will begin to take place as new “seeds” are ready to be planted in your life while others MUST be discarded !!!
When the Moon blocks the light of the Sun, awareness shifts from the conscious to the unconscious emotions as they arise from deep within ourselves … are you ready to be open enough to allow them to flow and to be honest enough with yourself to admit what you have outgrown ??? … this eclipse instills us with the greatest urgency to not allow fear to be our captor, and to release and let go of whatever is holding us back from achieving further personal and spiritual growth … are you ready to step outside of your “comfort zone” and forge a new path to bring about greater personal success and happiness ???
New Moons indeed are times for new beginnings … time to plant new “seeds” for growth in our lives to make ourselves better and more productive … Not only might you be encouraged to make new beginnings in whatever area of life is ruled by the house in which this new moon falls in your natal chart, but in the following areas as well:
sleeping disorders
internal happiness
universal love and bliss
dealing with confusion
emotional sensitivity, psychic sensitivity and mystical states
giving in to a higher power through surrender and trust
spiritual awareness and channeling of spiritual power
desire for inner peace, quiet time and spiritual purification
experiencing unconditional love through forgiveness, understanding, tolerance, acceptance and compassion
overcoming “victim mentality” which includes procrastination, panic attacks, deception, addictions and disappointments, defeatist attitudes
to release tendencies to over analyze
to develop humility
restoring health especially in regards to colds, the feet, the lymphatic system and poisoning and toxicity
This New Moon / Solar Eclipse encourages each one of us to be still, be quiet, to reflect deeply as to who we are, where we are going and how to manifest in our lives what it is that defines us individually as well as collectively … to surrender excessive anxiety and trust in and stay connected to a higher power … to develop humility … to learn to love unconditionally and release the need for perfection … to allow for deep emotional and spiritual cleansing … it also brings about the greatest potential for breakthroughs by bestowing each one of us the ability to release and let go of that which no longer serves us but is only weighing us down …
Make your intentions clear, but allow love and trust to flow in order for the universe to work through you … and with grace and humility – surrender your anxiety and open yourselves to trust and believe in a higher power to reveal to you the “bigger picture” allowing you to understand and embrace the unfolding of your “life plan” on a daily basis !!!
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