Do You Know What Brings You Happiness?

Like the six blind men and the elephant, we can all look at the same thing with a very different perspective. We only see what we look at. Without focusing on a subject, we don’t recognize it

or have an awareness. When we don’t recognize it, how can we feel it? What we’re doing today is turning your focus to what makes you the happiest?

Until someone asked me the question above, I had no idea what made me happy, because I never thought of it. Once asked I found the answer changed for me. A year or two ago, I would have answered my family is what brings me the greatest joy. Today I would say it is my work and service to others that charges me up and has me feeling passionate. 
Think about each of the words below and rate them on a scale of 1 to 10. If you feel very positive and happy about the word, rate it a ten. If the word doesn’t make you feel happy at all rate it a one. Circle all the words that have tens in green for positive or GO! Circle all the ones with black or red. Anything five or under can be yellow for caution. If you have something that works better to help you recognize which is positive and which is less than great.
  • work
  • children
  • family
  • home 
  • relationship
  • friendships
  • play
  • fun
  • dance
  • health
  • exercise
  • driving
  • being creative
  • food
  • travel
  • adventure
  • music
  • commute to work
  • evening
  • morning
  • prayer
  • meditation
  • service to others
  • volunteering
  • seva
  • yoga
  • the gym
  • desert
  • being near water
  • nature 
  • forest
  • mountains
  • moving 
  • marriage
  • enlightenment
  • sex
  • taxes
  • bookkeeping
  • workshops
  • reading
  • writing
Happiness is different for everyone. You might feel a community is what brings you joy and happiness. Others might find that solitude is what brings on the bliss. Being out in nature and witnessing wildlife might be what ignites your fire and brings you happiness. Meditation might be a ten for your mate, while you find exercise creates the greatest amount of happiness and bliss for you. There are no wrong answers. 
If you don’t include fun and play in your life currently, find ways to do so. Life is meant to be fun. What’s stopping you? Life is short have a ball! Play reduces stress and raises serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is what keeps you from feeling depressed and anxious. Yes, play will help you reduce anxiety as well. Stress is the number one cause of illness and disease. So get playing!
I would love to hear what your answers were. Join the conversation on Facebook. When my son asked me this question years ago, I hadn’t thought of how to create more happiness and joy on purpose before. Since that time, I have shifted my schedule so that my day incorporates the greatest amount of events that I enjoy and a few of the ones I enjoy less in smaller increments of time. 
Examples Of LifeStyle Changes For Greater Happiness
Once we recognize the greatest source of joy for us, we also have the data to see what are our least favorite activities. Whenever possible delegate the things you don’t enjoy doing. Hire someone to assist you with the housekeeping for example if you hate to clean, but love a clean house. If life brings you down, its time to hire me as your coach so that I can help to dovetail your life to find your joy, passion, and inspiration and clear the limiting beliefs and blocks to happiness.
If you hate commuting, but live two hours away from your office, see if you can work from home and telecommute several days a week. If you hate your job, focus on finding work you love to do so that you have fun working, then it doesn’t even feel like work any longer.
The purpose of this exercise is to raise awareness of what it is in your life that gives you the greatest amount of joy. Follow the joy to raise your level of happiness. Do more things that bring you the number ten. If you aren’t able to eliminate those activities that don’t light you on fire, add some novelty and create unusual ways to exercise or commute with music or audible books to learn while you are on the road. Happiness is more about making choices to emphasize what you love and doing things in novel ways to keep you from falling asleep on the road of life.

What patterns do you have that you have lived with your entire life? What are you avoiding? What are you still afraid of?

With Gratitude for you!
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