Peace, Love and Joy Today And Always

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Our soul needs to be fed. We feed our soul with the beauty of nature, music, meditation, chanting and filling ourselves with love. When we are grounded in the present we witness world events and can laugh at what is happening rather than being caught up in the back-biting and ego-driven words on FaceBook and elsewhere. It is possible, following are suggestions that work for me, feel them out and test the waters as they may work for you as well. 

When we live in the present moment knowing each moment is perfect we stop worrying about the outer world and see it for the amazing perfection that it is. JEM
Those that know me know that I have adult children. Some are more adult than others. They are all making their way. In the middle of my day, my daughter might call. Within a few seconds, I can be lambasted for something I haven’t done or lashed out at for no reason. It happens. My daughter is angry. Her father died when she was only sixteen. I recognize that these are her issues, not mine. She is making her way in life, just as I did long ago. I don’t take on her pain. I don’t attempt to fix her. I guide her when she is prepared to listen and shut up when she isn’t. 
I know we can only control ourselves. We can’t make anyone else happy but ourselves. I stopped trying to “fix” others a long time ago. Being a guide is very different than trying to fix another. 
If my peace has been shattered by an angry person, I will stop and take a walk in nature, or meditate. I sit silently, breathing deeply. In a few seconds I am back, grounded and peace filled once again. Meditation doesn’t mean you won’t have thoughts. Meditation is a focus in spite of the thoughts. Chanting a mantra helps to move us through a noisy mind.
Not Everyone Is Where We Are
The people we encounter may not be on the same page as we are. We have to allow others to have their experience and not allow their experience to taint ours. You can say in your mind, “That’s not part of my reality,” or something similar to shift your mind back to what you do want. Respond with love and compassion to others and watch how the world shifts.
Life Is Happening As It Needs To With Perfection
Whether our partner or government is doing what we think they need to be or others aren’t doing what we feel they need to, it is all perfect. Thinking that things should be different than they are means we out of alignment. It’s all good. It’s all perfect. Donald Trump is doing exactly what he needs to do to encourage more people’s shadow material (negative emotions) to surface and heal.
If we are triggered by something that happens it isn’t the other person’s fault. The triggers that are within us to show us we have an issue. Getting angry with the person that pushes the button is misplaced blame. We aren’t victims. Life doesn’t happen to us, it happens for us! Be compassionate toward yourself and those that trigger you. 

You might want to read my article about whether we really need to say some of the things we do to others. Does It Really Need To Be Said?  Once we begin to turn inward we usually find that the trigger was within us or we wouldn’t have been triggered at all. Compassion is so much softer than judgment. Turn the compassion inward, breathe it in fully.

If you feel like crying, allow yourself to cry. It may be the fastest way to move through to the other side of the strong emotions. 
Avoidance And The Pain It Creates

Ignoring issues and stuffing emotions causes illness. Our emotions are meant to move. If you have been told to stop crying as a child or an adult you probably have issues speaking up for yourself, like me. I had to work very diligently to move beyond being silent when I was upset. 

My parents didn’t allow us to express emotions, like so many at that time. They didn’t know any better. Kids were taught to put up or shut up. The truth of the matter is that we grew up with emotional neglect.  (Watch for a future article about emotional neglect next.) When we fear conflict, we keep silent. Our partners and loved ones don’t recognize why we are upset because we are unable to communicate effectively. 

How To Meditate
Sit upright in a chair, bed or in the lotus position. You don’t have to sit in the lotus position, but it does help to shut down energies to quiet the mind while meditating. Sitting upright is important. The spine needs to be straight to allow the chakras to be open, aligned and energy to flow. 

Gayan or Jnana Mudra

A mudra is a hand and finger position. We have five elements within us, each of our fingers represent a different element. The thumb represents the element of fire. The index finger represents air. Holding these two together in the Gayan mudra quiets the mind by increasing concentration and is a gesture of knowledge and creativity. Placing your hands gently to rest on our thighs provides grounding. Holding the hands in the air, palms upward when feeling receptive allows you to receive.

Place your hands, gently on your thighs or knees. Any mind chatter you have about not needing to put your thumb and index finger together is ego-based. Ignore it. Thinking you can’t meditate is also just mind chatter. Ignore that too. I can’t tell you how many people I have helped (including me) to move beyond negative thoughts about, not being able to meditate or do many other things well. Allow those thoughts to drift away. Put them in a blue balloon and let them float away if it helps you to do so.
Breathe deeply. Inhale filling your lungs as full as you can get them and exhale slowly. Experience your breathing notice how it feels, sounds and how calming a simple breath can be. 

Use A Mantra To Quiet The Mind

Mantras give the active mind something to do so that the errant thoughts quiet. A mantra creates a blissful mind quickly. You can fight it, you can say you don’t want to, but the sooner you begin to use mantras, the faster the mind quiets. The following are mantras you can use. The first two are elements of my video below. The Divine Presence Process Mantra is a powerful meditation that allows you to give and receive love. 

I am the Divine Light inside me.
I love me
I am love

Resistance is what show us when you argue with a suggestion that will help you. Resistance causes suffering. Suffering is always optional. 

When we can stay present in the moment and be okay with whatever is going on, we begin to experience wonderment and joy no matter what. I am not saying that we might not feel trepidation with preparations of war or unrest in the world. However, we can shift quickly to be feeling peace by turning inward rather than focusing on what is wrong with the world. 

When we can be okay with what is life is sweeter. We become happier, focused on each moment rather than sitting in expectation and fear of the worst thing happening. Food tastes better, we have more joy in nature and the small things in life that surround us. 

We notice the smallest of details, the nuances of life, rather than focusing on the worst that might happen. Joy is found within us, not in the world. The feelings of joy are within you, allow me to help you uncover your inner joy and set up a discovery session with me to find your joy, bliss, and happiness inside you. Visit Jennifer’s website:

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