Curing The Pain From The Cause of Blistered Lips, Cold Sores and Hemorrhoids

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

The happier we become with ourselves, the healthier our bodies are and the fewer symptoms occur. However, situations arise that have us focused elsewhere so we get fever blisters, hemorrhoids and cold sores from time-to-time.

Every issue we have with our body originates with a thought and an emotion. For instance, if we are stressing about getting our taxes done, we might think, “Oh I hate doing my taxes, they give me a pain in my ass!” Or just we experience angst or fear about having to deal with the IRS.
Deadlines can cause people issues with hemorrhoids. We might feel angry towards the IRS and the fact that we have to pay taxes. Or maybe we feel burdened with the task of getting our papers together, organizing everything. We might feel afraid to let go of the past. We might have had a messy divorce and we feel we paid too much to our attorney or we have old painful memories of other events we hold onto.
I freaking love LOUISE HAY! Her book You Can Heal Your Life was a life-changer for me. I use her book, You Can Heal Your Body with my clients. I highly recommend it for those beginning their healing journey or already well on the path. I use it for myself too.

Mantras are an easy but powerful way to change the neural pathways of our limiting and toxic beliefs. Sitting quietly repeating the mantra or evey while lying down will put the body into deep relaxation or a Theta state. A Theta state is where the brain re-wired itself and heals the past. If you do the mantra as you fall asleep you may even reach the deepest Delta state of healing.

Repeating the mantra silently or out loud as often as you can will reprogram the brain which is the body’s supercomputer. Rather than toxic emotions, these mantras shift the pathways and make the brain waves congruent (longer and slower) which alkalizes the body at the same time. Congruent brain waves feel good to the body. 
I release all that is unlike love. There is time and space for everything I want to do.
Canker Sores
Canker sores can show up when we have too much acidity in our bodies. However, they are more likely to show up when we hold in festering words rather than speaking to the person that we are angry with. I have written a much read article about sinus infections and angry blistering words as well you might want to read.

Think about it. Our mouths are tender. Our lips and gums are soft and delicate. When we hold in our anger, those poor soft tissues become inflamed. Repeat the mantra at least three times a day and watch as your symptoms quickly abate.


I create only loving joyful experiences in my loving world.

When we feel unworthy or came from a dysfunctional family, saying what we feel may have been a scary proposition. I know it was in my family. When we get shut down by our parents for saying how we feel, we quickly learn it is better to not speak about how we truly feel. We become mute, silent participants which is really sad. I coach my clients to learn to speak their truth with those they feel safest with first. Most people that I work with have an issue with speaking up and self-advocating. It’s okay, that used to be me also.

We are works in progress. Little by little we become stronger, more nurturing of the self. As we become stronger inside we are more adept at saying what we feel in the moment. When our partner is scary to us, keeping silent causes more damage internally. Tell your partner you are afraid of speaking your truth. Let them know their loud voice is scary or whatever it is that makes you afraid of them. Maybe they appear to you like your mother, or father that used to yell at you, like me.

Cold Sores and Fever Blisters

When we have too much going on at once, mental confusion or disorder around us we can be susceptible to cold sores and fever blisters. 


I only create peaceful experiences because I love myself. 
All is well.
Mouth problems can occur from a closed mind, set opinions or the inability to take in new ideas. Being very set in our ways can create issues with our mouths.
Use the mantra for each issue at least three times a day. I have witnessed symptoms clear up almost immediately when the mantras are used. 
Allow me to help you make better choices. 

I guide professionals to be better at their jobs and to find better solutions to conflict in their work environment. I also help men and women repair their relationships. I help singles feel better about themselves so that they attract better mates and jobs. The better we feel about

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