The Simplest Part of Being Happy Is Absolutely Free

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

For more than half of my life, I used to be miserable, depressed and anxious, but not anymore. I found the key to happiness and it has absolutely nothing to do with money, wealth or even having a relationship. 

The evidence of happiness was highlighted this past weekend when I left my two dogs behind under the watchful and loving eye of my neighbor and friend. I flew to Colorado to celebrate my youngest progeny’s 21st birthday.

Nederland, CO roundtrip to Estes Park
Usually, when I go to Colorado, I drive. Since I had two trips to Colorado back-to-back, I decided to fly in for the first trip and drive for the second since I was staying almost ten days. Flying means leaving my dogs behind. Karma is nineteen years old and she got this far, happy to be alive because she is with me most of the time. I have never kenneled her. She loves being together driving in the car, seeing new places and being out in nature. Karma is a very happy dog until I leave her behind. 

While I was gone, I texted Shannon to see how my animals were doing. She commented that the dogs were very sad that I was gone, especially when she put them back in the house. She noted that when they were outside, Karma was frisky, prancing around and definitely more upbeat. Aha! I said further evidence that being outside makes us happy. When animals are happier being outside so are we.

Boulder Reservoir, Colorado
How Is It That My Dog Is 19 And Still Healthy?

Twice a day I walk with Karma and Yoda. I don’t just let my dogs out into the yard and let them go. I make the effort to take them to pretty places, trails, desert or mountain walks and we spend twenty minutes or more each time walking. The combination of exercise and being in nature with me makes her happy. Exercise increases happiness and longevity. Happier dogs and people are also healthier. If daily exercise in nature has kept my old dog happy, youthful and healthy at 130 people years, it can work for you too. My dog even does yoga! Down dog is one thing she does every morning. 

Karma loves water. I do my best to find a swimming place for her.
I know I love the feeling of fresh air, sunshine and even rain on my face. I love being out in the woods, mountain hiking or just walking on a trail. Nature brings me joy. Being outside in nature breathing, doing walking meditation and staying off my phone are the keys to happiness. 

On top of Flagstaff Mtn. Boulder, CO
There is scientific proof as well that being outside in nature nurtures us and exercising extends our life and makes us feel better as our telomere’s life is extended. Telomeres are the ends of the chromosomes. Telomeres provide a protective cap over the end of the chromosome to protect the DNA. Without telomeres at the end of the chromosome, each time the cell divides the chromosomes are shortened and DNA is lost. If there are no telomeres each time a cell divides DNA is lost. 

Exercise is good. Exercising outside is even better. Being in nature raises our vibration and helps us feel happier. Walking outside every day is an important part of being and staying happy. 

Going to new places to walk makes our walking much more interesting. Even my dogs love to take walks in new places and smell new things. You might not want to smell everything your dog smells along their walk, but stopping to breathe in the smell of freshly mowed grass, hay, wildflowers blooming will give you something else to be happy about as well.

Jennifer, Adam, David and 21-year old Ariel

So while I was away last weekend, Shannon let the dogs out more frequently and they were much happier even without me around. I had a great time with my family celebrating Ariel’s birthday

Danielle, Jennifer, David, Adam, Ariel

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