21 Scientific Reasons To Meditate: Join Me This Wednesday For Your Mind Body and Spirit

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

For those that meditate regularly, there is no doubt that the benefits are profound. Science and the medical community recommend meditation for stress relief, anxiety, depression and cardiovascular health just to name a few. Emma M. Seppala Ph.D. did extensive research at Stanford to find that brain chemistry changes affect more than just the mind. Most people are not aware that meditation can relieve depression, anxiety, pain and that it boosts the immune system. 

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Benefits For The Mind, Body, and Soul

Meditation boosts your physical health, happiness, and social life. 

  1. Increases cognition. (Makes you smarter)
  2. Reduces anxiety.
  3. Reduces depression.
  4. Increases awareness.
  5. Reduces emotional reactivity.
  6. Increases community and social interaction.
  7. Increases positive emotion
  8. Reduces pain
  9. Decreases stress
  10. Decreases inflammation at the cellular level. Other studies.
  11. Reduces loneliness
  12. Increases immune function
  13. Makes you more compassionate
  14. Increases self-control. Helps you regulate emotions.
  15. Increases focus and attention
  16. Improves your ability to multi-task.
  17. Improves your memory
  18. Helps you think outside the box. 
  19. Lowers blood pressure
  20. Improves cardiovascular health. 48% reduction in heart attack and stroke.
  21. Makes you smarter. Meditation is like a shower for the brain. It cleans out the cobwebs and refreshes your data base. 
Meditation helps us to become happier and able to pick up emotional cues from others. We become more empathic and intuitive as a result of daily meditation.

Meditation assists with neuroplasticity. Rather than being stuck in old patterns, the brain has the ability to heal the past and be reprogrammed. 

The Dalai Lama agreed to send several of his meditating monks to the University of Wisconsin to have their brains examined. Brain scans and EEG showed that the brains of these monks had increased gamma wave activity in their brains than the control group of non-meditating men. What’s the point of gamma wave activity if you aren’t a superhero? We gain the ability to increase brain function which allows us to learn new skills, expand memory. 

So What Will You Gain On The Podcast?

  1. Three ways to quiet your mind even if you never have been able to before.
  2. Three different ways to meditate.
  3. The best ways to get the results you desire.
  4. A transference of Divine Grace (Oneness Blessing).
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