Emotional Full Moon In Capricorn

We are in the middle of an emotionally charged full Moon in the astrological sign of Capricorn. The Capricorn is depicted by the goat who is strong and can climb very high. Remember when upsets happen that we have the ability to rise above with this Capricorn energy. What is happening right now may be causing you to feel old emotional patterns from the past. Remember that the full moon only lasts a few seconds, though it looks full for about three days and its effects will diminish as the week wears on.

Now is the time to look at our reaction to the events, rather than the event that occurs. We have a tendency to blame the messenger, but we are always the one in charge of our emotions. Someone may cause us to be upset, how we respond or react is up to us. Speaking in haste can leave us wishing we hadn’t.

Tonight, we are using this full moon energy to release what is in our way of having what we want and manifesting our desires. Join me for a fun and relaxing hour tonight at 5:00 PM PST. Just sign up on the pop-up and you’ll receive the log in information. Manifesting is best served with clarity. I will help you get there.

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