A Manifesting Story: Three Free Dresses

I found a very easy way to manifest. I used to be a shopaholic. As a reformed shopping addict, I don’t like shopping any longer. I don’t go to malls. Even trips to Marshalls, Ross or TJ Maxx are quick in and out without wading through the racks of clothes. I just can’t do it anymore. I dislike shopping. After moving from Canada to Maryland, to England, back to the US and gradually across the entire country, I have simplified my life and certainly my closet. No longer do I have hundreds of pairs of shoes or closets full of clothes. I have what I need and that’s enough. I like it that way. I am careful with the money I have but generous to others.

On June 7th, I decided that I needed a new dress for a workshop I was about to teach. I looked for an almost new resale shop; when I couldn’t find one I went to Goodwill. I prefer to recycle rather than buy new. I found that every time I give a compliment to a woman about her clothing she tells me it is over ten years old. I like clothes that have that well-loved look. Heaven knows The Universe doesn’t like the waste. To top it off recycling is a fun way to get something gently worn for less money and keep our landfill waste to a minimum. (I’ve added guidance at the end for those who don’t want a dress.)

While I was at Goodwill, I found the energy of sadness and lack overwhelming. Row upon row of yellows, greens, and blues. Rack after rack of tops, dresses, jeans, and shorts. The amount of merchandise that was unwanted and cast off was tremendous. Each item has an energy of the people that owned it. Magnify the energy of one times one thousand and you have a lot of emotion, negativity, and sadness.The heaviness overcame me and I had to leave the store without my new dress. As I got into my car, I said, “How can I effortlessly and easily have a new dress that I love without having to shop for it?” It sounded like a strange request, but I had complete trust in The Universe and let my manifestation out into the Vortex.

The very next day June 8th, I shared a booth at a fair with a friend, Anahit. I spotted a brand new sundress in my size at a booth near the front of the festival. I didn’t even realize that the clothes were recycled as they looked brand new. My friend said to me, “I don’t know why, but I’m supposed to buy you that dress!” I didn’t ask her for it, she offered. Several times I told her she needn’t buy it for me, but she insisted. I was grateful. The dress however beautiful was only $7.00! I loved the dress. I loved the price even more! The fit was perfect, the colors my favorite blend of purples and

greens and looked amazing on me. I was thrilled and grateful. No one would ever know it wasn’t brand new. There is nothing that turns me on more than getting a great deal on something I love!

Within two weeks of receiving the first dress, spent a week taking care of my friend Shannon’s horses. Since one of her horses had colic the first day she was away, she wanted to express her gratitude to me for keeping her horse alive. When she returned she gave me a gift of a dress that was ankle length when she preferred short. This dress was a geometric print of green and black with straps leaving my arms completely bare like the first one, which I liked. Sleeveless dresses are more comfortable in the California heat.

On Friday, August 4th, I received an Amazon box from my mother in Canada. My mother is ninety-five quite fit and very similar in body type to me. She loves to shop and has two closets full of gorgeous clothes. She is the one that taught me the power of second-hand shopping. We can get better quality clothing that looks better for less than what we can buy a cheap article for. The better quality clothing lasts longer and looks like a million bucks!

Resale dress from my mother

Inside the Amazon box was a black, turquoise and magenta sleeveless print dress my mother bought from an upscale resale clothing shop. As I pulled my third free dress out of the box standing in front of my friend Shannon she gasped, “OOOH!” It was gorgeous! The colors were vibrant. Rather than being a strappy sundress it had built up shoulders and was a shorter length that came just to my knee. The fact that it was short was interesting because I had just begun to think I needed to buy a short dress so I had a little variety.

My mother mentioned the price to me several times as she felt she overpaid for it. She spent $62.00 for the dress, second hand, by a famous Canadian designer I had never heard of. Once she got the dress home she then decided she didn’t like it. Since we are exactly the same size she thought I would like it; so she mailed it to me. In all, she spent almost $80 Canadian between the purchase and shipping. The dress was perfect and since I’ve toned up with all the horse handling I’ve been doing it looked like a million bucks! At least I thought so.

I asked one question: “How can I effortlessly and easily get a pretty dress I can afford that I love?” Within three months I received three different dresses that fit perfectly in colors I love without spending a penny! Two of the dresses were long and one was short. Now I don’t have to go out and buy another dress as I have all I need.

For those of you who don’t wear dresses, like you guys out there, you can use this method for tools, a motorcycle or whatever you desire. “How can I effortlessly and easily have ____________________?” Trust completely. Know it is done and on its way to you right now. There is no time….. it could happen today, tomorrow, or next week. Putting a timeline on a manifestation slows it down. Express gratitude for it in advance! Voila! Done! Delivered. Thank you Thank you Thank you!   

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