Lunar Eclipse August 7th: Our Heart’s True Calling

The full moon lunar eclipse happening August 7th highlights close personal relationships of all kinds. This full moon eclipse gives you the ability to see any relationship imbalances and disharmony. We are in a time of tremendous and powerful positive change. Each of us is being asked to step up and be the best that we can be, overcoming our fears and moving into faith. If you haven’t stepped into your dream work, that which fulfills you now is the time to discover what that might be, begin to take steps to that end and courageously move into being who you truly are. Who are you and what do you stand for?

A full moon eclipse allows us to restart and reset emotions release old memories and move beyond where we have been before. Introspection is necessary as chaos emerges these next three weeks. Slowing down to take a look inside examining our emotions can shift a relationship in positive and powerful ways. Change is coming and there isn’t much we can do to stop it. Most of us are ready for something different and this is the month to say, “BRING IT ON!”

A powerful drive for personal success today is linked to Jupiter squaring Pluto. This aspect with Pluto can cause us let go and surrender to our greatest fears. Pluto rules Scorpio which is all about death and rebirth. For those of us under that powerful and transformational sign you may not feel as if you are the same person ten years from now. I know I am totally different than I was in my forties, never mind twenties!A friend of mine who was my first editor ever commented on my post on FaceBook. I have since corrected some of what I had previously written. Dan commented that there is a Sufi saying

A friend who was my first editor ever commented on my post on FaceBook about the eclipse he disagreed with my content. I have since corrected some of what I had previously written. Dan commented that there is a Sufi saying, “we must die many times before we die.” Each time we surrender to the process of letting go, healing our past we become anew. We emerge a different person than we once were. Our basic character may be similar, however as we move beyond fear, step into faith and find sure footing on the mountain of change before us, we become more authentic, more vulnerable and so much sexier than we once were. We take the stick out of our backside and begin to dance to the rhythm of life rather than rail against it. When the strong winds blow we no longer fall over but bend and flow with it.

When we let go of fear our inner calling flows forth. We can then step into the work of our heart. The Jupiter square Pluto is the most powerful part of this lunar eclipse. The effects of this potent aspect between Jupiter and Pluto were felt by many four days earlier. You might have experienced a blow-up with a partner, friend or business associate during this time. Not everyone is going through conflict. Depending on what issues you have ignored those will be the ones surfacing ready for a face-lift energetically.

Success is definitely possible whether it is a project or book you are working on during this time with the caveat that we can become ruthless and even step on those we love on our search for the brass ring. Greed and corruption are more unpleasant aspects of this astrological event we must take care to avoid. There is always a price to pay for our bad behavior. Remember that lunar eclipses emphasize imbalances and issues in all our interpersonal relationships. Be careful how you communicate with your partner and friends today. Our personal happiness depends on our ability to communicate our needs and desires without snapping the heads off those we love. We learn to soften our communication. Rather than yelling to get our point across our words become a whisper and those across the room from us prick their ears to hear our every word.

Letting go may be through our out breath, or in the swimming pool when we cry about our day to our friends. Or maybe you laugh your ass off about the silly things you did while at work like standing in front of the bathroom stall with your car fob pressing the unlock button, like someone I know just did. There are many ways to let go, but when we do joy is on the other side.

Instead of running away from the conflict that arises we stand our ground and we allow ourselves to release the rage and anger moving into deep compassion for ourselves and others. We recognize the rage was egoic in nature, our hearts are still intact, when we stay rather than run. I know you can do it. I’m holding the candle flame over your pathway illuminating the best choices as you decide.

I want to hear your story. Share it with me when you have some time.

Today’s lunar eclipse marks the end of a phase which began in February 2017. We will continue to feel the effects of this eclipse cycle till January 2018.

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