Mercury Retrograde Is Here: Time To Slow Down, Breathe and Think Before We React

Mercury turned retrograde on Saturday, August 12th in Virgo and turns direct on September 5th in Leo. This Mercury Retrograde could be particularly powerful due to the powerful sandwich of two eclipses which could lead to changes in your relationship or finances.

Many people felt the effects of this warlike energy during the two weeks while Mercury was in its shadow point. Mercury rules intellect, communication, travel, computers, and technology. There is much we can do to use this energy effectively to assist in healing ourselves and release tension before it becomes explosive.

Mercury Retrograde is associated with delays, traffic, accidents, computers, cell phones, miscommunications, finances, lost items, drama and regret over purchases, haircuts, cars, and relationships. Depending on when you were born Mercury could have the potential to improve communication and allow you to be more precise when expressing yourself. If you were born during a Mercury Retrograde then you might benefit greatly from this three-week period.

Depending on who you listen to as your astrological guru war-like words could create havoc around the world. Certainly, President Trump with his fire and fury comment August 8th, towards North Korea is an example of how explosive Mercury Retrograde energy can be. Trump again responded with aggression towards North Korea on August 11th saying missiles were “locked and loaded.” We all must take great care before responding with aggression during these next couple of weeks.

How To Make The Most Of Mercury Retrograde

  1. Reduce, reuse and declutter.
  2. Reorganize.
  3. Plan. Now is a great time to go over what you have done and plan for the future.
  4. Re-do or re-write your article or book.
  5. Meet with friends from your past.
  6. Re-read before posting or emailing, there are likely to be errors and regret if you don’t.
  7. Re-connect. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a long while.
  8. Reminisce.
  9. Review your past and think about what you want to change for the future.
  10. Give yourself extra time for travel, commuting, and projects as delays are inevitable.
  11. Clean out closets take what you don’t use to a thrift store.
  12. Give away what you don’t use or need.

What Not To Do During A Mercury Retrograde

  1. Don’t buy luxury items as you will regret your purchase after Mercury turns direct.
  2. Don’t buy computers or cell phones.
  3. Don’t rush. Delays are inevitable.
  4. If you have to travel be prepared for delays, lost luggage or canceled flights.
  5. Don’t date someone new. We can meet someone wonderful during a Mercury Retrograde and think they are THE ONE until Mercury turns direct.
  6. Don’t get work done on your car.
  7. Don’t react in anger. Think before speaking and recognize that the energy could be volatile in communicating with loved ones.
  8. Don’t forget that Mercury is in retrograde until September 5th.
  9. Avoid signing contracts.
  10. Don’t get engaged, married or divorced you are likely to have regrets if you do. Wait till after September 5th.
  11. Don’t implement new strategies, or begin new projects.
  12. Don’t hire anyone new.

Mercury Retrograde can be of great benefit when we recognize the best way to use this energy. If you have clutter, now is the time to get rid of it. If you are disorganized, now is the time to get your shit together and get it done!

A final thought on Mercury Retrograde.

It’s important to remember one thing.   Mercury is associated with communication because of a cultural heritage we derive from the Greeks (and Babylonians).  It’s thought to go backward because that’s what it looks like if you view the Earth as the center of the solar system.  We know now the Sun is the center. Mercury doesn’t go backward.

So how do the planets and stars influence us?.   Their gravity?  Their energy?  Their light?

As Carl Sagan said in a relative sense the obstetrician exerted more gravity on you at the moment of your birth than Mars did.

If you go to China, where the planets and stars have totally different meanings, there is no Mercury retrograde.

It’s not the planets influencing us.   It’s collective belief.   So there is one perspective too.

You can if you so choose, just ‘opt out’.

If you wish you can do what my editor did and opt out. “I don’t believe in the power of a Mercury Retrograde!”

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