Say Yes To The Possibility Of The Perfect Date!

What would a perfect date feel like? For each individual, those things that light us up may vary from being out in nature, seeing beautiful flowers, a dog here, a smile there, a glorious meal of fresh veggies and ahi perhaps or simply a delicious cup of coffee with conversation. If we know what we like, the possibility of finding someone who enjoys some of the same things we enjoy increases exponentially. Spending time with a complete stranger can soon begin to blossom into a friendship and beyond. We simply have to be open to the possibility, take things slowly and know ourselves well.

In the land of the Internet, we have access to meeting up with complete strangers even when visiting in another city. Staying open, playful and trusting ourselves are the cornerstones to matching with another person that not only floats our boat but lights up the sky and our life with joy.

Once you have someone that feels like a good match, moving to a phone conversation gives both parties a chance to ask questions and get to know a little more about each other. Talking on the phone can give data to make a decision whether you want to move forward or wish them well on their search.

What A Phone Conversation Does That Texting Can’t

Texting is for quick messaging. However, if you want to get to know someone you have to have a conversation. The telephone allows us to hear each other in a way texting does not. Through the phone, we can listen for nuances and pick up what is not said as much as what information is freely given. Are they happy? Do they tell you things about themselves that give you insight into the kind of person they are? Do they speak highly of exes? Do they have children? How committed are they to helping to raise their offspring? Do they like animals? Are they negative or positive? Do they sound likable, intelligent, or humorous?

After a phone conversation or two, a person’s character has already shown you who they are. Good self-esteem and playfulness are required for fun. If we can’t be playful fun takes a backseat. When we don’t feel good about ourselves we tend to keep a conversation at a high level rather than moving toward intimacy. Allowing another to see us as we are authentically is the fastest way to form a bond and connect consciously.

What Makes A Date Perfect?

You notice yourself smiling, surprised and intent on the conversation. You aren’t checking your cell phone, or roving around the room with your eyes because you are disconnected from your date. You can walk together down a sidewalk smiling and talking. When he asks you to take your photo, you feel comfortable rather than insecure. He is interested in you. You like what you see and feel. There is no pressure for anything more. You might even find yourself laying on the grass together looking into the clouds sharing what you see with one another. You might even share your dreams for travel. What are the places you still want to visit? What would you do once you get to Paris or Greece? You recognize the gift of this moment and enjoy it to the fullest. When you part a kiss is perfectly natural without pressure for more. There is plenty of time, you are in no rush. You are delighted to spend time with this person and wonder what might be?

We never know what one or two hours with a complete stranger might bring. Recognizing that we don’t know and being okay with that is key to enjoying each moment. If both of us feel so inclined we can offer to take them out to dinner next time and just watch what unfolds. The joy is in the moment always.

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