What We Need Now In The Midst Of Hurricanes And Crazy World Events

Witnessing countless lives lost and experiencing a hurricane brings up our worst fears, naturally. Whether it is the wild fires, an earthquake or hurricane our mortality comes into play. Staying calm can take all we have inside of us and then some when we feel our lives are out of control. The loss of life, homes, pets, cars can be too much to handle from a natural disaster.

  1. Stay calm. Getting upset or worried doesn’t help you or anyone else. Only 8% of what we worry about actually happens.
  2. Take small steps, rather than attempting to solve all the issues before you at once. Think in small bites.
  3. The most important thing is that you are safe. Be grateful.
  4. Allow emotions to come to the surface. We get used to stuffing emotions when we are faced with a natural disaster crying is a great way to release tension. Stress is released through crying.
  5. Love one another. It is easy to blame someone else or get angry when you don’t know what to do. Remember to love yourself through it all. You are your best advocate.
  6. Be kind to yourself. Get rest when you can.
  7. Take care of your physical needs. Eat three meals a day. Good food can bolster our immune system and keep us going when we have long hours ahead of us. Skipping meals isn’t good for anyone unless you are in the middle of a fast. Fasting isn’t recommended during times of stress.
  8. Compassion is needed now. Softening our focus and showing compassion to ourselves and others helps us remember what is really important.
  9. Material things can be replaced. Lives cannot. Remember it is just stuff.
  10. Grief is part of the process. Whether it is the lost photos, or belongings allow the grief to come up. Feel it fully and let it go.
  11. Anger is one of the first emotions that we allow ourselves to feel and the first step in healing grief. We can feel helpless in the midst of what has just occurred. Allow yourself to feel without taking it out on anyone else.
  12. Remember to take care of you. Whether it is a trip to the chiropractor to get your back adjusted, acupuncture to release blockages or an energy clearing for depression, anxiety, and worry, sorrow, grief or loss. You are loved. You are needed.
  13. Make sure you get enough sleep. When we worry about what we have to do or what we haven’t done, we keep our mind on high alert. When our mind is too active we can’t sleep deeply which is needed for our body and mind to heal. Sometimes eating a banana and having a cup of warm milk will calm our body enough to sleep. Or perhaps taking potassium before bed is what you need for restless leg syndrome. Sleep helps us to resolve what we are unable to understand and fathom consciously. The events that just happened can wreak havoc on our nervous system. Sleep is like pressing the reset button on our entire physical being. When we don’t get enough rest we can become irritable, and short-tempered.
  14. Meditate daily. Sitting in stillness allows us to tap into our higher self where our wisdom resides. Meditation can boost our immune system, release stress and calm our nervous system. Make sure to spend at least ten minutes twice a day sitting quietly holding a feeling of love in your heart or using a mantra as simples as I AM LOVED in your heart will fill you up when you feel spent and depleted.

To those of you that have lost homes, cars loved ones and pets, my heart goes out to you. I am so sorry for your loss. For those of you in tremendous need, I have recorded podcasts with energy clearings to assist you through whatever you are going through. Please use these free energy clearing resources when you are not driving, as you may feel sleepy, some people actually fall asleep during my clearings. For issues relating more personally to you simply schedule your private session with me.

Please contact me whether it is a prayer you need for you or your family or an energy clearing to get through this next week, I am here. JenniferElizabethMasters@gmail.com


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