What Does It Feel Like To Fall In Love?

What does it feel like to fall in love

You’ve been dating only a few months. You couldn’t possibly be in love yet, could you? Recently, a client told me she couldn’t possibly be in love with her boyfriend of three months because she didn’t know everything about him. Is it possible to be in love with someone you barely know?

The truth is that it can take no time to fall in love. If we meet someone we have a deep instant connection with, like a Twin Flame, we might feel love immediately and wonder how could this be? Love isn’t rational. Love can happen in an instant. Yet we could also date someone for a year or more and not be in love with them. Can you imagine marrying someone and not being in love? It does happen.

If you wonder whether your butterflies and fast beating heart need a doctor, you are correct, you need A Love Doctor!

You Are Probably In Love If You Feel….

You’re certain you’ve found the ‘perfect’ partner.

You magnify the good qualities of your beloved, minimize or don’t notice the flaws.

You feel so excited you can’t sleep.

You feel fully alive and spontaneous.

Little things become wondrous.

You joyously give to your beloved.

You feel connected outside of yourself.

You do things you’ve never thought you would ever do for your partner.

How Do You Know You Are Falling Out Of Love

You realize you haven’t found the ‘perfect’ partner.

You magnify the flaws of your beloved, minimize or don’t notice the good qualities

You return to too much structure and become bored.

Little things and extraordinary things are taken for granted.

You start demanding and taking.

You return to self-absorption now that you’ve ‘got’ your partner.


Keeping intense attraction and romantic love alive is possible. Couples that continue to do new or challenging self-expanding experiences together tend to have the most intense love, according to Psychology Today.

“Novel and arousing activities are, well, arousing, which people can misattribute as attraction to their partner, reigniting that initial spark,” writes Amie Gordan in the Berkeley Science Review.

Neediness and caretaking are arch-enemies of erotic desire and can put the flame out completely. Couples that maintain their independence will remain much more attractive to one another over the long haul. When we witness our partner participating separately from us and being successful and skilled we feel more attracted to them constantly seeing them in a new light. A little mystery doesn’t hurt either. When you think about it, there is no neediness in desire.

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