When You Trust in the Universe, You are Rewarded

Why You Need To Hire A Coach

Trust is something that can challenge us. We can only trust in others when we trust in ourselves. When we don’t trust ourselves, we don’t trust the universe. I assist my clients with many things trust is one of the things that shift in big ways when people begin to work with me. Many people come to me to find love and in so doing also expand their level of trust within themselves, their relationships and also with the universe.

Improvements begin to occur through my coaching programs, from feeling loved, greater self-esteem, improved relationships but there are other things that change for the better. Initially, when a client doesn’t trust themselves, they have a difficult time trusting anyone else. As trust begins to shift and we are more able to trust ourselves, we also listen to the intuition that we receive. Listening is the first part, but trusting that what we receive is accurate is the second piece of the puzzle.

As your energy field begins to clear with each session, you are able to tap into your natural intuition and trust what you hear or feel. As you trust yourself more you act on the guidance. Small miracles begin to occur and with gratitude, bigger miracles happen as well. When we begin to trust ourselves we also have deeper trust for our lovers, partners, and the universe. When we trust the universe miracles happen!


As you use the tools I teach you to shift the patterns from self-sabotage to empowerment the universe begins to step in and take care of you. Here is an exact quote from Amy a current client who has been doing weekly coaching with energy clearings for just five months. When Amy began coaching with me she wasn’t happy, didn’t trust herself or me for that matter. She was dating someone she wasn’t attracted to. I recommended that she let him go as he wasn’t the type of man she truly wanted. She was reluctant to do so as she didn’t want to be alone she didn’t trust what she was hearing from me to be accurate because she didn’t trust herself.

I explained that he was a place-holder. When we date someone we aren’t interested in, they block someone better and more to our liking from coming in. I helped her feel better about being alone.

Since she began coaching with me not only has her life improved, within weeks she found a man she was attracted to and is now in a committed, loving, positive relationship with a conscious, handsome man as well! Amy sent me this e-mail today. I thought you might benefit from hearing what she is experiencing in her life while working with me. Trust is a big piece of the puzzle of life and if you listen to what she is saying you can hear how she received the guidance but wasn’t sure at first. Then she listened and saw that her guidance was accurate! She was rewarded.

“Good morning! I hope you are having or had a wonderful time visiting your daughter. 

I just want to share this with you because it struck me as astounding-

Yesterday I went to get gas at my (mostly) usual spot- Costco. I normally take the same exit out each time which requires me to make an illegal u-turn to go the direction towards home. For some reason, I decided to go to the other end of the parking lot and use the light. I gave it a second thought, thinking it would be easier to take my usual (and closer) way but then decided to keep going towards the direction that allowed a legal way of getting out. After I turned left at the light, I saw a car make that same illegal turn that I normally would have done. Low and behold there was a cop right there waiting for someone to make that illegal move. That car got pulled over. That would have been ME!!! Anyway, my first thought was that it must be that mantra that I’ve been saying about me attracting money and money wanting to stay with me. Clearly, it didn’t want to leave me and go to the state department! LOL. So, that’s when I realized it’s true, the universe is working FOR me. Just like you said. J

I love that sign of confirmation!!!”

The truth about Amy’s success is that as her trust grew within, she listened and then acted on her guidance. When I recommended that she break up with the guy she was dating although she was reluctant, she did. Trusting ourselves is paramount to be able to receive and follow accurate guidance. If you follow the advice I give you to the letter, you too can have the love you have been dreaming of and your life will improve in the process. You deserve love and I can help you find it. If not now, when? Send me an e-mail and set up your discovery session and find out how you too can have the love of your dreams right now.

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