15 Ways To Happily Overcome Struggle Easily

Life constantly presents us challenges. Whether it is money, weight, loneliness, depression, the loss of a loved one, or emotional issues everyone struggles. Today there are plenty of challenges that present themselves to us with regularity. How we deal with these events is a choice we make daily. How great would you feel if you found ways that make you feel successful and accomplished rather than weak and defeated? Find what works best for you to shift your focus and attitude and watch yourself become the victor in your own life!

  1. Choose adversity. Choosing something physical that offers a challenge and pushes you beyond your limitations will strengthen you and give you a tremendous sense of accomplishment. Whether it is climbing a rock wall, getting to the summit or getting yourself out daily for a power walk when you don’t exercise the result is the same. You get the opportunity to celebrate success. Success is putting one foot in front of the other and doing something you don’t normally do. You’ll feel unstoppable and successful once you break through the limits your mind has created.
  2. Find the positive. In every situation, we can look at the adversity, or choose to find the silver lining. In every challenge, we have the opportunity to turn the bad news into a powerful lesson and advantage. How we perceive challenges is weighted with the scientific fact that our brain has a negative bias. We can overcome our brain’s natural tendencies with diligence and practice. “How can I look at this as a gift rather than a curse? How can I see that this benefits me rather than defeats me?” Remember that successful people view challenges as opportunities. Find your success gene and allow it to blossom!
  3. Name that emotion. Our emotions bubble up when we are feeling challenged. Is it despair, fear, anxiety, sadness, unworthiness, anger, guilt, shame or something else. Once we are able to label what we feel we can choose something that is a higher vibration. Shame and guilt are the lowest vibrating emotions, even anger is higher on David R. Hawkins rating scale.
  4. Join a mastermind group. When we feel alone, we find ourselves unable to get out of our own way. Our thoughts may defeat us causing us to feel trapped. A mastermind group can give us support, allow us to feel heard and create a positive spin on the situation that we are unable to achieve on our own. A group of people creates a collective that supports us in a loving, safe environment free of judgment. Ask me about my mastermind for relationships, manifesting and dating. I have manifested cars, love and houses for others, I can do it for you.
  5. Modify your playback. Our mind creates stories most of which are untrue. We also have a tendency to repeat old tales of woe till our loved ones tune us out. Find some new stories to relate to that create a positive vibe, even if the story is an envisioning of your desires. The way we change our lives for the better is by getting out of the old stories and creating something new, positive and uplifting. Perhaps you view your marriage or ex negatively. Instead of continuing to beat yourself up over choices made in the past, look for the uptick of what you learned. “I know better now and will choose something different for myself the next time.” Learning from our past keeps us from repeating the same looping story again and again. Choose a new story that empowers and motivates.
  6. Get out in nature. The greatest shift comes from being in nature surrounded by mountains, streams, trees, and wildlife. Even birds flitting from place to place can make your heart skip a beat and shift your thinking. Sit down on the ground if you can and restore your energy by tapping into the heartbeat of the earth. Or sit with your back against a tree and allow it to take away your troubles. Ask for help from nature, it may sound crazy till you try it and find tremendous relief from your troubles. Nature is naturally healing for our mind-body and spirit.
  7. Exercise at least three times a week. Walking is one of the easiest and best forms of exercise we can do. The forward rhythmic movement of walking allows us to work our spine and the kinks out of our body. Having dogs to walk gets me out at least twice a day if not more. Whenever I feel ungrounded, or upset a walk outdoors shifts me quickly.  My 95-year old mother says, “Keep moving it is the key to longevity!”
  8. Tell yourself new stories. The stories we tell ourselves are often negative and disempowering. It is easy to allow our minds to run a negative thread which takes us into a downward spiral. Shifting from disempowering to empowering could be as simple as saying, “That’s not what I choose! That’s not a part of my reality!” If your family was negative you have to work harder to stay thinking positive stories about the world, your life, and relationships. In my case, my family was highly critical and negative. Getting out of negativity can be something that takes diligence and daily work.
  9. Celebrate your successes. Working with my clients, it is evident that most people get in the habit of sloughing off success rather than celebrating it. We have to stop often to say, “GOOD JOB, You did it!” When I became an International Best Selling Author, I made it a point of celebrating with my friends, which is a new habit. When we miss the celebration we downplay our hard work and accomplishments. Celebrating and patting ourselves on the back is something we need to do regularly to remind ourselves we did what we meant to and creates a mindset of patting ourselves on the back rather than criticizing. Celebration feels good in our energy field.
  10. Seek out new success. Plan your life by writing down a list of what you wish to achieve. If you don’t write it down, you will have a difficult time achieving it. Give yourself a deadline for your new goal by writing down a date you want it by. Envision it, believe it and it will happen. I have always wanted to be an International Best Selling Author. In my meditation, I would see me excited telling myself, “YES, you did it.!” I never wavered and always knew it would happen. I didn’t listen to family members who said, it would never happen. 
  11. Stand up straight and tall. Doing the superwoman pose for even a minute-and-a-half will make you feel more powerful before doing a presentation or going on stage. It has been scientifically proven that when we stand up straight and tall rather than hunch over we feel more confident and powerful. Amy Cuddy has done a Ted Talk on the subject.
  12. Use confident words. Telling yourself you are old will make you walk slower and begin to feel decrepit. Use words like vitally healthy, youthful and strong instead. Science has proven people who use the word depressed daily will become so. I have noticed when I have tests done like after my accident I began to feel weak, or sick. We have to strengthen our resolve daily by saying, “Every day my health gets better and better.” Or, “I am vitally healthy and strong.”
  13. Model positive people’s behavior. Choose someone that you respect to model. There will always be those who have the success we desire and know what it takes to get there, watch what they do, what words they choose.
  14. Sit in stillness. Buddhist monks who meditate have more activity in certain parts of their brain because of their stillness, says Dr. Andrew Newberg. Activating those parts of our brains can cause us to come to a place of peace and calm where we can begin to step into a flow state in our work and lives. Quieting the mind chatter can be as simple as using a mantra that gives the brain something positive to do in place of negative mind chatter, which over time will reprogram the unconscious mind. Mantras can be as simple as, “I love me. I am loved. I am safe. I am enough.”
  15. Put it on your calendar. Tony Robbins says if you can envision it, it becomes real. Talking about it won’t get you there. Envision your dreams becoming a reality so often that you begin to feel it in your energy field. Each time I walked in the desert, I said out loud, “Thank you for making me a best-selling author!” My gratitude in advance helped to create the reality.

To manifest our dreams we think of it, write it down, then envision it. Each time we think about the possibility we can begin to be grateful for it becoming a reality. Join my Dating and Manifesting Bootcamp beginning the first week of November and allow me to help you make your dreams a reality. And by the way, Happy Birthday to Me today. I love you all! Send me your questions, via private e-mail and I will answer you either in a blog post or privately, as you wish. Much Love! Jennifer

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