Full Moon: Birth and Death Revisited

Our world is shifting as we evolve. Lately, we may be experiencing some upheaval and even a surfacing of old patterns and programs we felt we had completed. Frustration, grief, anger, fatigue, and challenges have been surfacing for most of us.

Communicating about our emotions and how we feel is surfacing as we begin to move into choosing authentic and open ways of truth-telling. Intimacy, communication, and boundaries are surfacing from the past. As we begin to speak our truth openly we step into a freedom and out of powerlessness. Freedom comes from being able, to be honest in our expression of feelings.

Discomfort may be part of your experience. November and December will open doors for ease of personal expansion. An ebb and flow exist in the universe. The last two months of the year have a marked feeling of slowing as 2017 winds to a close. Don’t be disheartened by the challenges that surface through this time. Look at the good that is occurring. Breakthroughs can be a welcome experience. Look within and tap into what you need. Taking care of ourselves is important. Balance emotions with meditation deep breathing allowing what is surfacing to be felt fully. Move towards the feelings rather than attempting to stuff them.

Grief for what hasn’t happened and those that choose this time to vacate their bodies is something we need to move through rather than hang onto. Grief is a natural emotion that was meant to pass through us. Life is for the living. Those that are leaving are happy to be doing so. We are forever tied to those that leave the planet through love. No matter how far away we are physically from our loved ones, love always remains. We need to remember the best times and allow the pain and suffering of the past to do what it needs to…… go!

There are no promises in life. We have no idea how long we will be here. We may not like what is going on in the world. Focus on what you want to create. Go within and change yourself to change the world. As Gandhi said we need to be the change we wish to see.

Death and Rebirth

Old patterns die. Old ways of being shift and change. We move out of victimhood into conscious creation while loved ones leave us. Life is all about living and dying. If we aren’t living life to the fullest and allowing ourselves to heal and let go we end up becoming burdened with emotional pain, suffer and if we don’t do anything about it inevitably die from our suffering. It doesn’t have to be this way. We can choose to let go of our past, victimhood and look for what we want rather than focusing on what we don’t like and don’t want. When we let go of the past we are reborn. We may not even feel like the same person. We change our stars when we change ourselves. We begin to attract different events and people as we raise our vibration. We move out of the downward spiral of negativity and begin to live in the field of infinite possibilities.

Energies Are Speeding Up

Allow emotions to rise, feel them fully rather than attempting to run away.  What used to take weeks to process we are now able to move through in less than a day or even an hour. Stuffing emotions cause us to suffer eventually bringing illness and physical challenges to our doorstep. Letting go of negative emotions is imperative to stay strong and healthy. Remember we are mind-body-spirit not just a physical form.

Questions To Ask:

What do I want in my life right now?

What can I do for me today that will allow me to feel loved and cared for?

What type of people do I want to be in a relationship with?

What is it I want in the next year……. and then in five years?

What do I want to do for myself to help change the global consciousness?

November’s full moon is burning brighter than usual as a Full Frost Moon or Beaver Moon named by the Native Americans as a time to set traps so they could stay warm during the long winter months. Full moons are excellent for releasing patterns, letting go of anger, suffering, and pain. It is a perfect time to get an energy clearing or take an Epsom salt bath to clear your energy field.


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